Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Supposed To Be About US; Not THEM!

Each and every political animal that runs for President has one singular goal. To inhabit the Oval Office. What they seem to forget along the way is that office is ours, no matter who sits behind the desk. The desk and the office, God willing, will always be there. The occupant of the chair behind the desk will not.

I've really been irritated lately with the tone of the campaign. To Bill and Hillary. It's not about YOU! Hillary, you lost. Fair and square. Such as that is defined by politicians; especially in your camp. You have no right to make "demands" for your place in the convention and it's unconscionable to encourage your supporters to make mischief. Even if it's tacit.

Bill, you had your turn. Get over it.

I listen to comments from the McCain campaign stating that Obama would lose the war to win the election. What a reprehensible thing to say about your opponent.

That type of rhetoric along with the constant dismissal of Obama as being young and naive is running pretty thin. I do understand it. If you can't win on substance, denigrate your opponent. It's trademark American politics. I do not like it.

It makes me question whether any candidate who stoops to these tactics is worthy of the office. Our office. Why does it worry me? Because I wonder about the mentality of those they hire to advise them and what those people would do with power on a higher level. With Hillary's Mark Penn suggesting Obama isn't American enough or Joe Lieberman, a Democrat in name only, saying "Between one candidate, John McCain, who has always put his country first, worked across party lines to get things done, and one candidate that has not."

Normally I wouldn't even mention the "also rans" in a rant such as this but since John Edwards remains in the news I will add this about him. He thumbed his nose at each and every one of his supporters. I have stated my sympathy for his wife, but leave it to a man, Hub, to point out this point. She's no angel in all of this either. He admitted confessing his affair to her back in 2006. Yet, there she was front and center campaigning her heart out for him knowing full well he was lying to his constituency and helping him do it.

Yes. I've been rough on Bush and his administration. I have no apologies. I am, however, equally concerned about those who will succeed him, their character and the character of those they trust for advice and counsel.

At the moment it is not a pretty picture.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, you do have that so right! I've gottent to the point that every time I read about the Clintons, Bush, McCain, Lieberman, I want to throw up. And you're right, too about the oval office belonging to us, but I don't think these guys see it that way at all -- it's theirs and theirs alone for as long as they can hang on to it.
You're also right about acupuncture, can't do a lot for my mental state after a day of reading and watching the news.

Margie's Musings said...

I enjoy your muses almost as much as I enjoy Sansego's He is a political science major who worked as an intern in Al Gore's office when Gore was vice president.

Linda Hillin said...

Much food for thought in this posting. I didn't start the race disgusted with the Clintons but they've destroyed any respect I ever had for them.
I'm nervous about putting her name in nomination at the convention. I don't trust her or Bill.