Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spoilers And The Media

I know I pretty much preach to the choir, but if I don't the stress levels would probably do me in. Of course, I could quit watching television, but then my posts would probably be done in!

So. What today? You'd think it would be enough that Hillary is going to have her name entered into nomination at the convention. Or that Ralph Nader just doesn't get the idea that his obsessions don't resonate with enough of the voters to get him elected; just enough to be a spoiler.

There is a whole sub culture of these types I rarely think about until an ugly head is raised. And who allows that head to rise? The media! This whole election fiasco seems to be a big game to them. Who's up? Let's bring him down a peg! Who's written some trash? Let's give them some hype. Like all the attention that Howard Wolfeson, Hillary's former spokesperson and current Fox News bloviator, is getting for saying John Edwards is to blame for Hillary's not getting the nomination.

It's always the after thought, like the fine print, that points out minor details such as the fact Edwards' supporters second choice was Obama; not Hillary.

Now another one has resurfaced. One Jerome Corsi. A fringe politician, again, who never caught on. Well, if I can't be a first tier candidate I'm gonna spoil it for one of them! Last go 'round it was by co-authoring the book, Unfit for Command , that challenged the validity of Kerry's combat medals - and eventually led to his downfall.

Even though the allegations in that book were proven to be unfounded and Corsi was discredited, he's back with a new book smearing Obama by asking, among other things, if Obama's admitted toying with drugs while in college ever ended.

I won't tell you the name of the book. If you're that interested you can find it. I hope you aren't and don't. What really makes me angry is that this hit the news at all. Why must a discredited, inconsequential spoiler be shown the light of day what's more the national air waves? Filler for 24/7? People will hear about it, they will read it and they will buy into it just like the Obama as Muslim garbage.  And they will vote based on untruths.

It's difficult enough to find decent, able people to run for public office. Why must the media aid those who are not?


Margie's Musings said...

I could agree more. I read that too and it really made me angry.

Word Tosser said...

And that Publishers print such garabage and the other amazing thing

Linda Hillin said...

I'm so disgusted with the cable networks. They have too much time on their hands and use it for trash like this man's book. The polls will continue to show this race a sqeaker as long as possible; otherwise what would cable news anchors have to fill time with?