Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Don't Want News As Entertainment Or Lust

We are currently in one of those free viewing trials for HBO so Hub and I enjoyed the opportunity to watch Bill Mahr last night. We are also fans of the Daily Show when Jon Stewart can rise above some of his more sophomoric and profanity filled skits.

Why do we enjoy them? Because they tell the news the way it really is. Warts and all. Making it even better, they use video clips to prove their points.

That leads me to wonder why I have to watch shows such as these, that are less then mainstream, to see the truth behind the headlines. Where is the main stream media in the Palin saga. There is so much floating around the Internet with what would seem to be provable attribution, why is is not being reported? Did Palin really say while lunching with friends, "So Sambo beat the bitch" ? It's one of those stories making the rounds.

Other than her lightweight experience being shoved down our throats as more than adequet to lead our country, there is more to the woman than the glitz and it doesn't all appear to be good. There are two months to sort it out. I'm not concerned nearly as much about the fact she has five children and can shoot a rifle as I am about the character of a woman who would make such a comment, even in jest. Especially the Governor of a state.

Things that are considered off limits, like Campbell Brown asking McCain what instruction Palin had given the Alaskan National Guard qualified her to be commander-in-chief and being told that was out of bounds, is troublesome. Knowing that Russia was a close neighbor qualified as foreign policy experience.

Please! At least Mahr and Stewart have the good graces to raise a questioning eyebrow to go along with the shrug and smirk.

We know Alaska is dark a good part of the year. Has that phenomena crept south and invaded the minds of those in the media who are employed to keep us out of the dark?


Word Tosser said...

Also what books did she ask the libraian to remove from the libray? And when she refused, Palin tried to have her fired. This is when she was mayor. Which by the way. She was not really the total head of the city. The Administrator was.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, thank you! I've just almost been in a knock down drag out -- okay that's a little overkill, but a very heated discussion with one of our neighbors off and on all day via the internet, and I just don't know why it is so hard to see what is happening in this country and what will continue to happen if we empower this same party to "govern" another four to eight years! To begin with, I'm not sure this country will be able to survive another eight or even four years of Republicans. I hate being talked to as if I were some little old dumb lady!! Thanks again!

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

I was going to post a comment on your blog regarding Palin and her family. The lap top froze up. To put it bluntly, I'll tend to agree with Family Phil about Palin not being any sort of "traditional woman" that she is being spin doctored as. And the GOP who see her as this tactical tool to bash the Dems because they didn't put Clinton on the ticket, are also undercutting their own claims of "conservatism."

When you think of it, Palin already has undercut her own claims of "conservatism." Especially religious conservatism. You must have been around to read my latest post. I had seen Stewart's show as I had the day off yesterday. McCain did himself no good with a "straight talk" speech that ignored his own history of being a weathervane. Stewart however, did not.

Given time, Stewart will have some stinging commentaries for Palin as he most certainly did for Clinton.

And Palin is a damned fool. Excuse the Russian.

Anonymous said...

And now it looks more likely that Palin will not agree to any substantive interviews. Why should she? The GOP will parade her around to sympathetic parts of the country where the press will report she's being greeted like a rock star.

Irony, meet the GOP.