Sunday, September 07, 2008

Experience Is More Than A Word

"It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is." - Bill Clinton. Who'd have thought the Republicans would learn to be as adept at redefining the language as was Bill Clinton! Now, let's take the word "experience".

We've been hearing how "experienced" Sarah Palin is. Experienced in foreign policy by virtue of having a State National Guard, executive experience from being a small town mayor and Governor for a year and a half of a sparsley populated state. Technically all this is correct. Let's translate it into the real world.

Let's look at her education. Where did she graduate in her class and what was her grade point? Was she at the top of her class like Obama, barely graduating like McCain or somewhere in between? What did she do between graduation and becoming a mayor? I'm sure it's out there; I'll admit I haven't taken the time to look. Where is the media?

A small town mayor. One of my very good friends was the mayor of one of our local small towns of about the same population. She was a great mayor. She is not, however, qualified by that "experience" to run the Executive Branch of government, what's more the country.

Hub was in the Air National Guard. That did not give him the "experience" to be commander-in-chief. During his career he travelled the world. I often travelled with him. What does that mean? Did I travel the world with him or did I travel from Bellevue to Sea-Tac to put him on a plane? Actually I did travel the world with him but it gave neither of us foreign policy "experience" except in his field.

While change in the way Washington goes about it's business is long over due let's be realistic about how that's likely to come about. It's not going to happen by redefining language or candidates to fit a word. It's going to take a keen understanding of what the problems are, a sincere desire to make it happen and the know how to navigate the barriers that will be faced.

I have enough problem with three Senators in this mix because of characteristics that seem to invade their beings by osmosis; I have no patience with an insider want-to-be who is allowing herself to be defined for the sake of what? Winning? Ego? Power?

This campaign is all about change. Both parties are touting it. The question is which type of change do you want? What does your "experience" tell you?


Sylvia K said...

Primarily, my experience tells me to get as far away from McCain/Palin as possible! And my experience right now tells me this country is up for grabs along with our future and frankly I'm scared. Great post, as always!

Margie's Musings said...

The polls this week have them neck in neck so I know what Sylvia means. That is very scary.

Linda said...

Isn't it interesting, the two Democrat candidates are sold family men devoted to their families.

The Republicans have a high tempered, two personalities candidate, who's chosen cute PTA hocky mom to be VP.

I don't see the choice.

~Kathi said...

My experience tells me to renew my passport, which I just did this week! The lack of honesty and attention to anything on the real issues from the Repub. side is just nauseating. Palin looks like a ferret on speed. Where in her supposedly (rigid, fundamentalist) Christian framework is kindness, dedication to the poor, and genuine selfless service? She's just a Karl Rovian-calculated distraction to the feebleminded top of her ticket.

If we don't beat this ticket in Nov, and in the Senate and House races, it's time to look for better pastures, quickly, imho, because in that case, it'll all only get worse. ~K

Word Tosser said...

Being the Administrator was the one who ran the town, and the mayor was more dressing than ruling. Except when she tried to fire the libarian. And being no one can tell the media what orders she gave the National Guard to show her leadership... I would say they are on shaky ground.
BUT there are people who are eating this up... they are voting for popularity and not issues. NOW THAT IS SCARY!!!