Monday, September 08, 2008

Hair Today, President Tomorrow?

I'm in a nit picking mood today because I see the polls responding to everything except what is important. A teaser on the Drudge Menu lead me to a Los Angeles Times article, Sarah Palin's style: the issue at hand .

Well, I've been complaining that the campaign has strayed from the issues that face our country, but maybe not. Here I have been thinking it has do do with taxes, the economy, the several wars we're engaged in, the price of gas and food, health care and Social Security. Wrong.

It's about style and what it does for the candidate's credibility. There is a double standard being applied here that needs to be addressed. The Democrats need to snazzy it up a bit. They are, after all, falling behind in those polls! No one, not even her most staunch followers, emulated the hip accentuating pantsuit and practical swept back coiffure of Hillary Clinton. Obama, though a celebrity ranking up there with Britney and Paris, wears pretty mundane looking suits. Maybe crisp white shirts are his signature.

But now we have the Republicans. Cindy McCain sporting her $300,000 Oscar de la Renta wardrobe at the convention. Makes me wonder what the cast she sports for her carpel tunnel must have cost.

And of course, our favorite Vice Presidential candidate who has started a run on Kawasaki eyeglass frames and a hairdo that looks like a quick fix at best.

The Democrats really led the march in this arena but totally missed an opportunity. Remember when Bill Clinton held up the entire LA airport, holding his plane on the runway while a stylist gave him his first $400 trim back when he was campaigning? Or that wonderful You Tube clip of John Edwards primping before a television appearance to the tune of "I'm so pretty"? Gee guys, get with the program.

I think too, of others who could have been attractive Vice Presidential candidates based on the same criteria. Remember Dorothy Hamill and the Wedge haircut she made famous? Or Jennifer Anniston with the cut made famous on "Friends"? Oh, Brad, you gave her up for who?

I have a little more trouble with the eyeglass issue. The one that comes to mind is Dame Edna. Now there is perfection. Eyeglasses of note plus pretty distinctive hair; a woman and a man all rolled into one! What more could you want?

Who cares if he/she isn't American. If Alaska secedes, Palin won't be either!


Anonymous said...

What's important is what the Republicans say is important.

Simple as that.

Anything the Democrats talk about. Not so much.

Margie's Musings said...

I realize that is how Republicans think. Luckily, it isn't so true for the rest of the nation. They are pretty much sick of how we republicans think.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee -- you hit the nail on the head dead center. It has to do with lots of things and pretty is one of them -- Republicans tend to think they are beautiful and Democrats think they are cute. I think most of them are somewhere below a used car salesman employed at the local junk yard. But then my cousin was Abraham Lincoln (I kid you not) and he founded the Republican Party and I have been one most of my life. Up until George W and his cronies took office. So much for politics.

This post was a beauty.

I don't know if you are interested or not or if you have ever seen a Pileated Woodpecker, but I posted one on My Birds Blog this morning. It is our largest woodpecker and this is the first one I have seen here in 46 years.

Dogwalkmusings said...

When I get a new commenter I always go to their blog to see who they are. If you love birds and absolutely breathtaking photography, follow Abraham Lincoln's link. You'll be glad you did. Seniors reign!

Anonymous said...

Appearances mean little. It is what we can't see that counts. I'm concerned with two comments from Obama. First he slipped on George Stephanopolus (sp?) by stating that people don't understand his "Muslim" religion. Then the just plain nasty comment about lipstick on a pig. Nasty will go away, however that was bottom of the barrel commentary. The religious issue has always been a problem and has made me take a second very in depth look at Obama. There is a new bumper sticker coming out that says, "Oprah doesn't tell me who to vote for".