Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Open Comment to The Democrats

Today is Sunday. For the past couple of days the polls have been tightening. It has also been reported Obama has his inaugural speech already written and that his campaign is going to charge the media to park their trucks and equipment at Grant Park for the election night festivities.

If any of this is true remember you haven't won it yet. If any of this is true, you're arrogance is showing.

P.S. To the Democrat congressional delegation, if Obama wins, remember he ran on the promise of across the aisle cooperation. If those are your lips I hear smacking in the background, barely containing your desire to run roughshod over the Republicans, remember that. Many of us have strongly supported Obama for the man he is more than the party he represents. If you don't comply with the promise of cooperation many of us will regret that support and, be sure, we will let you know.


Linda said...

I say a big "Amen" to this. Gracious, the thought of it scares me. It's hard to imagine a more arrogant party than the Republicans were in 2000. Let's hope the Democrats don't try to top them in 2008. Unfortunately that will be a huge temptation. I certainly hope we see more humility in Obama than we did in George W. Bush.

Anonymous said...

The part about the inauguration speech isn't true. Drudge, or someone, picked up that Podesta, who is running Obama's transiton team, wrote a book that was published before Obama even won the nomination. In that book Podesta wrote an "inauguration" speech that was a literary device to summarize his points.

Don't know anything about the election night festivities. But anymore you have to dig deep to get to the truth because it seems there are more lies out there than truth!