Sunday, October 26, 2008

National Security Questions Unasked

National security questions seemed few and far between during the campaign. Other than whether one was or was not suited to be commander-in-chief and when and how to end the Iraqi war, I heard little about domestic issues. This seems strange to me because the over kill in airport security has contributed a great deal to the demise of our economy.

I resist flying at all cost. I'm a white knuckle flier to begin with. Pair that with the anxiety of the personal scrutiny by total strangers, not being able to complain when it goes over board, the chance prescriptions and other valuables may disappear from luggage and not being able to take even essential grooming supplies with you has made the experience one I can do without.

Now the TSA is testing the see everything x-ray machines at airports. I believe they are already being tested in Phoenix. Bet McCain doesn't have to go through them. Oops. He has access to Cindy's company jet. Oh well.

Why has no one ever asked the candidates if they intend to retain these oppressive security tactics? Have enough potential terrorists been deterred to justify the cost to the economy? Airlines are dying. So are hotels and resorts that are destinations and in turn the retailers that cater to the tourist. We're not flying within our own country and foreign visitors are opting for other choices for the same reasons.

"Out there" a ray of hope shines. Germany has said they will not join in the practice. While already used in some European countries with the blessing of the European Commission, EU lawmakers have put forth a resolution criticizing them saying they are equivalent to "a virtual strip search" raising serious human rights concerns.

If there is a country in the free world that understands the downside of war, terror and human rights abuses it would be Germany.

Is anyone in the TSA paying attention? Are the candidates?


Sylvia K said...

If you didn't read my post sometime ago about my experience with airport security, remind me to tell you about it -- everyone's nightmare, take it from me!

Anonymous said...

While I was still working I vacationed internationally several times after 9/11. But after we invaded Iraq and Bush's worldwide approval ratings faltered, I found Americans weren't nearly as welcomed in other countries. It felt very uncomfortable and even unsafe at times.

And like you, flying has become so onerous that I prefer not to do it unless absolutely necessary. I'd rather take the train or stay home.

Somewhere I also read that these TSA tactics aren't working, but they continue using them in an effort to make the flying public feel more secure.

Maybe the TSA should start asking us if we actually feel safer because we can't bring a bottle of water on board or have to divvy up our toothpaste, shampoo, and hand lotion into bite sized pieces!

Dogwalkmusings said...

Sylvia, I did read your post. Anyone who travels by air has had their share of less than pleasant experiences. I have certainly had my share.

GYMA, yes, as I listen to airport interviews, especially during the peak holiday seasons, the responses always heard are "Yeah, as long as they're keepin' us safe..." Duh.

TropiGal said...

Remember when air travel was elegant? Remember when Americans loved freedom? Security is always a false god.

Margie's Musings said...

Ridiculous, Isn't it! I haven't flown but once since 9/11 and I never intend to put myself through that again...ever.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I have to say that Australia is trialling the method and I really don't mind! It's not as though my naked outline will be put up on a screen for all to see, and the little man in the office doing the checking will have seen so many flabby bodies by the time he gets to mine that he certainly wont be titillated!