Thursday, October 23, 2008

To Grandmother's House He Goes. Why Was It Even Questioned?

Barack Obama's Grandmother. She's 85 years old. She has osteoporosis. She recently took a fall that caused hospitalization and has since taken a turn for the worse. Who among us, if this was the lady that had raised us, would not be rushing to be with her?

Instead there was speculation about how much damage would be done by his leaving his campaign at this critical time. If the McCainites have any class at all, before each rally they'd be wishing Madelyn Dunham well.

In an interview with Harry Smith, Obama explained that change in his Mother's condition happened so fast he was unable to reach her side before she passed away. He was determined to not to let that happen again.

I know exactly how he feels. My own Mother had not been feeling well for several days and her Doctors were brushing her off. When her wonderfully persistent caregivers finally managed to get some tests ordered and completed the prognosis was dire. I was not able to get to her side before she passed away. I have never forgiven myself. You see, long before this happened, in one of our conversations about the inevitable, she told me she did not want to die alone. She did not. Her caregivers were with her. But it wasn't the same as having her daughter or son there. Neither of us were. I don't think I will ever get over the feeling that I let her down. That for all the times over so many, many years that she was always there for me, I wasn't there for her at that most important time of her life. Her death.

McCain has been saying Obama will say anything to get elected. Maybe, maybe not. For the moment the measure of this man is that his actions speak louder than any words possibly could.


Linda said...

It's beyond me how anyone could question Obama's motives regarding his grandmother. He's never been anything but clear about his feelings for her. If she is not suffering I would wish she could live long enough to know he was elected President. If she's suffering he should give her his love and tell her she's free to go, that he's going to be all right.

Sylvia K said...

I've tried several times to leave a comment without success, so this is just a test run.

Linda said...

Sylvia, you are right, I've never seen this type comment form before. It was puzzling to figure out because I'd never done it before.

Word Tosser said...

The garbage email of hate has it he is only going down there to clean up his birth cert. (they say he wasn't born in USA) and is using his grandmother as a excuse... Good grief these people are such hate mongers..

Margie's Musings said...

Disgusting, isn't it?

I was with both my mom and my step dad when they died four years apart and never regretted making the effort to be with them then.