Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretty Palin

"Pretty woman walkin' down the street
Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet
Pretty woman, I don't believe you
You're not the truth

No one could look as good as you
In all fairness, what's "hot"in Alaska may not pass muster in the D.C. social scene. The hair definitely needs some work; the gown - eh. Can't see enough of it. But $49,425.74 at Saks and $75,062.63 at Nieman's? WOWSER!

I'm sure glad to know political contributions are put to good use. After all we wouldn't want our potential Vice President looking like a pig in lipstick! Hmmm. Speaking of that, I wonder just how much of the $4,716.49 of the hair and make up expenditures actually went to lipstick!

Julia Roberts she ain't but with a fashion consultant and a budget, well, anything is possible!

Now I do know a little bit about these stores. A lot of my dressier clothes have come from Nieman's. Otherwise it's LL Bean or Murdochs. I know Saks and Nieman's are upscale but in my wildest dreams I'd have trouble spending bucks like that - even if I were in my prime and lived somewhere where the clothing might actually be appropriate.

I really feel sorry for Hub. He likes to buy me nice clothes but a fortune could have been saved had he had the foresight to declare me a charity. Then maybe those high tone threads could have come my way free - or well discounted. After all, they'd have been worn!

Here's a link to an actual catalog . Go ahead. Browse through it. Pick out your $75,000 worth of duds. See if the Republican donors are getting their money's worth.

Now in consideration of the Fairness Doctrine I want the DNC to fess up. How much did you guys put forth for Michelle Obama? Come on now. We want our potential First Lady to look every bit as good as our potential VP.

What about the men? Ah, a tux is a tux. Basic black is always in style. Can you tell if it's a Tux Shop rental or a Brooks Brothers hand tailored? I'll bet those Country Club Republicans and Limousine Liberals can!

What the heck. It's good for the economy.


Sylvia K said...

All the duds in the world ain't gonna make her VP material and you're right -- she's not in Julia Roberts league!

Glad to have you back!

Word Tosser said...

I wonder what Charity is going to get the clothes? isn't that kind of degrading to Joanne six pack? "Oh, I don't need them after 3 months so I am giving them to the poor?" Or are they E-baying them? And giving the money to the charity? I don't know... maybe I am looking at it wrong.

Rinkly Rimes said...

The Palin Lady is in pretty good shape after all those childbirths, and she's quite good-looking, but that dress looks quite 1940s to me, and that 'just got up' hairstyle is one I don't care for. What DOES distress me though is that the minders could think that clothes matter to voters!!!

Idaho Escapee said...

I think perhaps Sarah oughta go out and buy one of those designer canvas bags to put over her HEAD.