Sunday, December 14, 2008

Global Warming Gives Me A Chill!

The temperature was 1 degree F with a -20 wind chill as I dressed to take Bacchus for our morning stroll. He was tucked comfortably under the edge of the bed snoring contentedly as I pulled on long johns, flannel lined jeans, sock liners, winter weight socks then insulated boots. Then a T-shirt under a turtle neck topped with a chamois cloth shirt before the sweater and my beloved -30 degree parka. Next came the neck gaiter, to pull over my chin and mouth, ear muffs tucked under the wool ski cap and the hood of the parka for good measure. Oh yes, the lined and insulated ski gloves. I was ready.

Bacchus rolled over on his back to get his tummy rubbed. I could barely bend over to reach it. Then he was ready and we were off. "Don't come back until he does something!" Hub shouted after me as I opened the door to the howling wind. Right.

Being the paranoid that I am I didn't want to keep Bacchus out too long. His winter coat is still a bit sparse and he refuses to wear his mutt luks but off we went. We stopped a half dozen times between the door and the road so he could check out business that was his own but one can never be sure. The road was a sheet of ice so I made him walk down our side which he didn't want to do because he does his business on the other side. So about halfway past the neighbors we gingerly made the crossing. Nothing.

Not liking the wind in his face he finally agreed to turn around and head back toward home. Just as resolutely he sauntered right past the drive and on north. Still nothing. Okay. That's it dog. We've been at this for 20 minutes. That's the limit for me if not for you!

Into the warm kitchen we went and out the back door he went. He doesn't like the water he has in the laundry room. The ice cold water in his dish, frozen actually, has much more appeal. I topped it off with some fresh and he was happy. Come back in? Not a chance. Note the photo. I gave him another few minutes than made him come into the warmth and he repaid me by taking my place on the couch to watch "Meet the Press." Fine.

I'm out in the office now. He's still on the couch. I scanned the headlines on Yahoo and laughed out loud at the following teasers:
Obama left with little time to curb global warming 41 mins ago
More outages possible in ice-ravaged Northeast 14 mins ago
It occurred to me Obama has little time left because we're about to enter a new era of global cooling! I've always believed in the cyclical nature of these weather phenomenon and never bought into all the arguments regarding global warming because scientists, real scientists, not Al Gore, refute many of the assumptions with fact. Now it would seem NASA is in agreement with the oncoming of global cooling.

It all goes to the old saying "What goes around comes around". You watch. In about the same span of time lyrics from some old standards will be merged. How about "In the good old summer time snow is glistening". And it won't mean summer in the southern hemisphere!


John Dwyer said...

I just loved reading about your journey outside in the cold, cold, winter. Especially as I am sitting in Naples on the 12th floor looking out at the Gulf of Mexico, sipping my pepsi, browsing the web with my WI-FI connection, and knowing I do not return to WI until the 23rd. It does not get much better than this.

cconz said...

I feel your cold!! The only reason i like it very cold, is because i can let all 4 monkees out ,they do there job and they run back to the house. Otherwise there're off in all directions and getting into trouble. So i take 4 walks aday.

June Saville said...

I wish you luck on the cooling bit. What happens if you're wrong and we've done nothing?
Thanks for the comment on 70 Plus - see you around the traps.
June in Oz

Linda said...

Bacchus sounds like a love of a dog. I'd love to hug him. I have a little long haired chihuahua so our trips outside a quick.

TropiGal said...

What a find looking dog Bacchus is. I love his name.

Like John writes, I am happy to enjoy winter from afar. The worst days are then when it rains; dogs do not seem to want to be out in that.

Does the ccoonz actually have monkees, or is that a pet name for the dogs.

Dogwalkmusings said...


I would guess they are her dogs. I don't recall seeing her write about any pet monkeys though I could have missed something. I cannot imagine expecting monkeys to come back once let out to run looses! Lol!

Hughes ap Williams said...

Our temperatures here in Central Jersey dropped from the mid-60s on Monday down to the 30s yesterday. Our Sweet Lady wanted to go out until she got outside, but she is a Doberman and doesn't have a winter coat.