Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Politics of Powell

This country could use a lot more politicians like Colin Powell. Though I doubt he considers himself such after a less than successful stint as Secretary of State in the Bush administration.

Considering that less then stellar tenure, why do I think so? Because the cause of his failure is the mark of the man. Integrity. He staked his career and reputation on bad information. Though knowing he was being left out of large parts of the loop, his integrity and belief in others made it impossible for him to believe the administration would take us to war on manufactured "truth".

He is far more cautious now, but is unafraid to tell the truth as he believes it. He was very forthright in saying Sarah Palin was not ready to step into the Vice Presidency. He had the courage to cross party lines and endorse Obama because he believed he was the better candidate.

Now he is taking on his own party, the Republican Party. In an interview that will air Sunday on CNN he speaks of many "truths" which will leave segments of the party seething.

He talks of how the party will have to reach out to minorities for within two decades the majority of the population will be made up of minorities. He talks of how the use of polarization didn't work for the Republicans and is unlikely to in the future. I'd add I hope that is a "truth" both parties will recognize.

Along that vein, he asks if the party can continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh, "Is this really the kind of party we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser rather than our better instincts?"

Powell is being politic. I would be less so. The answer goes far beyond whether the party should listen to Limbaugh and the other right wing hate mongers that fill the air waves. It's whether anyone should.

Mr. Limbaugh claims he has answers for all our problems but isn't interested in running for office because he doesn't want the pay cut. Now there's conviction!

If Mr. Obama is successful in his desire to create a new type of governance, the Limbaughs of the country will become the dinosaurs of the air waves and hopefully suffer the same fate. Disappear.

I think there is a pretty good chance Obama will succeed. Or at least gain a good foothold in the time allowed. He showed he is capable of it during the campaign. He appealed to our better instincts and because of it was rewarded with a win.

Negative campaigning got it's long overdue comeuppance. Hate mongering didn't take. The third strike against these self appointed spokespersons is their penchant for loose facts and lack of knowledge.

Now if the politicians will follow Powell's lead and be honest when questioned, regardless of party, a lot of contentious behavior will fade and with it the meat on which the likes of Limbaugh feed.

Talk about a "Brave New World"!


Margie's Musings said...

I can't bear Russ Limbaugh.

Linda said...

I could not agree more. I have great respect for General Colin Powell. Oh that the Bush administration had listened to him they wouldn't have made such awful choices. He was used by the Bush folks. He must find that hard to take. I'd like to see his face more around the pentegon and the white house.

I admire him for taking on his party. I'm afraid he will find it a tougher task than fighting wars on foreign soil.