Monday, December 08, 2008

You've got To Wonder About Politicians!

When you come right down to it, our politicians are a pretty tame bunch when it comes to mass public embarrassment. Oh sure, you have those who have affairs, and who chase after pages be they male or female, and those who hide tens of thousands of dollars in their freezers, but they seem to be one off indiscretions. Nothing like the fisticuffs we've seen that occur among some governing bodies.

But, wow! Nothing like Australia! According to Reuters, some of their politicians may have to take breathalyzer tests before they can vote on legislation! It seems that in New South Wales one lawmaker resigned after shoving a female colleague after a Christmas party.

That doesn't seem too bad. I guess it depends on how hard he shoved her. I hate it when details are sketchy!

I guess the final straw was when the police minister did some "dirty dancing" in his underwear over the chest of, again, a female colleague after a drunken post budget office party! Now that must have been something to see! And I wonder what the budget looks like!

We haven't seen the likes of that kind of behavior in this country since Fanne Foxe, the Argentine Firecracker, fled congressman Wilbur Mills' car and jumped into the D.C. Tidal Basin back in 1974!

I try to picture some of our august legislators cavorting in such a manner and find it most unsettling!

I've never thought our legislators needed much more then an I.Q. test! This breathalyzer suggestion has me wondering if the Aussies, too, might benefit from one.

Rather than administering the test before they enter Parliament to cast their votes, how about after the parties that seem to follow the meetings? Or cut down on the parties! Or the meetings!

Maybe there is something to be said for our "two party" system! If you get my drift.


Linda said...

What an interesting post! It's great! Somehow I don't see Harry Reid dancing in his underwear over the chest of a female colleague, Barney Frank perhaps but not Harry. You never know what's in the minds of those in Washington. Remember Jimmy Carter almost lost the election for saying he was guilty of lust in a Playboy magazine article.

Word Tosser said...

What is it about government jobs, governing, and etc...that brings out the drunken, lushful in these men? At least so far there isn't any women stories in the USA government...