Sunday, December 07, 2008

How Do You Like Your Elk? Poached?

A rule that has stood for twenty five years apparently has no sound basis. It seems, in it's infinite wisdom, the Interior Department is going to ease the ban on guns in our National Parks and wildlife refuges.

I posted a protest back in April when this was proposed and I feel as strongly about it now. At the time a commenter, who happened to be a law enforcement officer, felt he should be permitted to carry his weapon. I could find no fault with that. However, I do have a problem with John Q. Citizen.

Our National Parks are basically sanctuaries for the wildlife that call them home. They are also a sanctuary for the millions of people who visit them. The biggest danger one should face is from ones own stupidity for hassling the animals. Tired, unruly children can cause tempers to run thin. Knowing someone who has had enough might be carrying a concealed weapon and feel called upon to use it does not give me comfort.

The system for detection now is flawed. True. But why not mend it rather than making it easier?

Of more importance, I think it will increase the odds for poaching some of those magnificent animals. Maybe that, too, goes on now. I don't know, but why make it easier?

We may not be able to keep guns out of schools. We may not be able to keep the police from wanting to have guns in schools. But I'd like to think I could take kids to our National Parks and not have to worry about - guns!

Frankly, I prefer my elk as pictured above. Peacefully grazing on a warm summer day. Without worrying about - guns.


Betty said...

I will never understand the obssession with guns in this country. Are we a bloodthirsty people?

Word Tosser said...

makes about as much sense as having beer at a ball game.... where families take their kids...

In the park grounds themselves I see no reason for a gun. If you are hiking, to have a pistol for protection from bears or etc. I would have to think about that one.