Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Beginnings

It was a picture perfect winter morning as Bacchus and I started out on our walk. The sun was just coming out, highlighting the edges of the fog hovering over Hayden Lake. The breeze was just enough to stir the neighbor's flag and we knew the sky was going to be a brilliant winter blue.

It got me to thinking about how much we humans and Mother Nature reflect one another. We are both capable of creating breathtaking beauty. We are both capable of wrecking horrendous, ugly havoc. Today is on the side of beauty. As is the upcoming week.

A President will be leaving office, resolute in his beliefs that he did his best. He will begin a new life outside the microscopic scrutiny of the media and the public. I wish him well. What else can you wish a person most of us believe is delusional at best.

A new President is taking office. My nature would be to belly ache about some of his appointments and the cost to taxpayers of all the inauguration hoopla including yesterday's train ride. But not today. Not this week.

It's a time that should belong to the Obama's. And the country. Not the Democrats; the country. Putting aside his race, Barack Obama is an extraordinary young man. He has achieved the American dream and then some yet he is still a very human man. A husband. A father. This photo, to me, says it all.

It's a new beginning for the country. We have matured to where we've elected a man for his qualities without qualification. How wonderful is that? At times I wonder if we elected him more for the man he would seem to be than for his policies. Quite probably.

Next week the hype will begin to subside. The pundits will ratchet back up and start picking apart everything Obama. The realities happening around the world will again make the headlines. For now, though, it's a time for the celebration of new beginnings.

No matter what may lie ahead, I'm going to take the week and rejoice in the fact that this infant of a nation, which has been crawling for years, has taken a huge first step.


cconz said...

Here, Hear, all i know he CAN"T be worse. I won't be muting him out when ever he's on the t.v. So, here's to the change we need.

Margie's Musings said...

I certainly agree with that! A huge step!

Sylvia K said...

Count me in, too. I, too, rejoice at the huge step this country has taken and if it took a Bush to push us to take that step, then so be it. I guess in that respect we can say that he finally did do something constructive.

Linda said...

A beautiful post, especially the last paragraph. Isn't it nice to take a break from the bitter criticism every where we turn? I don't think I want this week to end but I know we must move back into the real world.

John Dwyer said...

The picture of Obama and his daughter bring back memories. I had my daughter in a Go-Cart at about that age. She sat on my lap and did the steering and pushed on the gas pedal. I had to hold her right leg and pull it up in the corners as she would not back off on the accelerator for any reason. Her daughter is now just like that. I too do not want to reflect on anything more serious for at least a week.

June Saville said...

We all wait with baited breath. Exciting times.
June in Oz

the wayward episcopalian said...

That's my favorite Obama photo. :)

You wrote, "We have matured to where we've elected a man for his qualities without qualification." Very true. A friend of mine balked in the Wayward comments that I was belittling Obama's milestone, and I said no, this isn't his milestone for winning, it's ours for finally reaching a point where we can elect a man like him.