Monday, January 19, 2009

Two Faced?

Remember during the primaries when people wanted to be snarky about Hillary? They posed the "does she or doesn't she" question about Botox. She probably did and in so doing sure set a trend!

According to USA Today Cosmetic procedures pick up prior to Obama inauguration. Dermatologists in cities across the country have seen an upswing in requests for no down time quick fixes in anticipation of inaugural parties, be they in D.C. or their own home towns! Even men. What! They look great with crows feet and gray at the temples!

This stimulus package of Obama's certainly is far reaching. He's encouraged those who can do so safely to go out and spend. Who'd have thought that in so doing the government will not have to dole out bailout money to cosmetic surgeons?

I'd have thought the increase might be due to all our local TV anchors paring years off their appearance with the onset of hi def television. Now there are numbers that would save an industry. Add to that journalists, politicians, lobbyists and lawyers who have inundated one cosmetic dermatologist, she ought to be in fat city for years to come! The key here, of course, is the fact the treatment wears off. Brilliant!

Ah, you who doubt Obama can pull off this economic recovery really need to "face" the facts!

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