Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fuzzy Math

Yep. I voted for Obama. I was convinced that because he was well educated and considered to be exceptionally bright we would be well served. I was convinced that because he speaks so eloquently he'd be able to explain things to the likes of me and so would his appointees.

Well. Forget Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner. His first appearance on the public stage was less than impressive. Not only was it disappointing after having Obama tell us his news conference was going to be great, his lack of explanation about anything was frightening.

Then there is the man himself. Obama. A multi-billion dollar "stimulus" bill has just been passed with more spending than stimulating. States and cities are beginning to get realistic in balking. They realize that once the federal money goes away the new programs will become unsustainable unless taxes are raised to cover them. Being politicians, they are savvy enough to realize it can be a re-election killer. The same goes for the banks who don't want the money because they don't want the Feds involved. The same goes for the auto industry. At least Ford. No one with an ounce of sense wants politicians anywhere near their businesses.

Now Obama is telling us he is going to cut this deficit by two thirds by the end of his first term. How? By raising taxes on businesses and the wealthy and cutting spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Math is not my strong suit but I'm not too bad at logic. No matter how much you raise taxes on businesses, it boils down to one thing. The consumer, you and I, pay it via pass throughs. Taxing the wealthy? How many times has "wealthy" been redefined? Cutting spending in Iraq and Afghanistan? We're not out of Iraq yet and there is no solid strategy as to exactly how or exactly when of which I am aware. An additional 17,000 troops have just been allocated to Afghanistan with the generals saying it will not be enough in the long run. What's going to be cut? Equipment? Again? I don't think so!

Okay. Maybe there are plans in the making yet to be made public. I certainly am not privy to all that goes on behind the scenes. I can only form an opinion from the information given. When I'm told, with great fanfare, that the average family is going to see an extra $67 in their paycheck beginning in April, I'm always glad I haven't a mouth full of coffee.

What the heck does $67 buy these days? Certainly not groceries for a family of two what's more a family of four or larger! If this is the "stimulus" to encourage we tax payers to go out and spend, spend, spend, they've got to be kidding! Someone is smoking something funny. It isn't me. I don't even smoke legal stuff. Forgetting the health issues, I flat out can't afford it!


Word Tosser said...

I expect to see a cartoon of our Governors..(from many states as well as our own) standing up and saying No no, we don't want it..but with their hand extended behind them palm up recieving the smilius money.... Because why is Idaho putting out a wish list of what they will spend the money on, yet saying we are going to turn it down.
And how do we save money ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, when I have ever heard of a goal date to end the Afghanistan war?

As an Obama voter too... and trying to give him time to get things done, I still not happy with what I am seeing... I thought there would be better cabinet members, he has signed bills I am not happy about.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now let me see what I remember. Bill Clinton was going to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. Still there, more going. Obama bringing troops home from Iraq...uhhh when, how? And then the wonderous $13.00 per week. Say John Q Citizen, what are you going to do with that much money. I know, buy 4 gallons of gas! I clearly admit that I think politicians are the lowest form of life. Believe them..not on your nellie. But for the states to refuse the (stimulus money) is to allow your tax dollar to be taken with no return at all. Nothing for education , roads, infrastructure, nothing. Talk about a sword of Damocles! How did I vote? After staring at my ballot for a week, I could not, in good conscience, vote for either man. I marked every other issue on the ballot. The first time in a very long adult life that I did not vote for president. "To thine own self be true"...I guess. CU

Word Tosser said...

I understand CU... in 2004 I wrote in for the President...NONE OF THE ABOVE.. I just couldn't do either of them... and it gave me the greatest feeling as I walked out of the polling place, with the biggest grin on my face.... some years are just that way.

Anonymous said...

LOL..good one Word Tosser. My ballot was blank for president. Your comment was better. I felt that I was true to myself, but very sad that the situation existed.

Anonymous said...

A disclaimer..none of this is funny and I don't mean to make light of the situation our country, indeed the world, finds itself in. But sometimes laughter is indeed the best medicine. The headlines on my computer, " stocks crash to 1997 levels". From the leading economists and strategists," country suffering from increased pessimism". "Govt. doing a lousy job of alleviating fears". "The proverbial lack of clarity is damaging". " This is a picture of what we may get". And on and on. My favorite headline, "Obama says to reduce spending..hands out 15 billion." Oh dear!

It really doesn't matter for whom we voted. I believe that most people vote their conscience. Some vote the straight party line no matter what. But I truly believe that those who voted for Obama, did so with hope and faith for the future. And maybe that will yet come. For the sake of all of us, I fervently hope it will. But for now, it appears that the economists are correct. Despair reigns. Throwing money at a problem never really solves a thing. Band aid politics and obfuscation. Hasty decisions have simply worsened the situation. Here is a concept, how about restraint and responsibility. CU