Monday, February 23, 2009

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

One reason I was so pro Obama during the election season was due to his age. No one knows better how old and tired those of my generation are then we members of it. I've felt for a long time new energy needs to be introduced into the process of running the country to the running of businesses large and small. Heck, energy period. A commodity which I find in short supply these days.

One of the more difficult aspects of adjusting to the generational difference is one of realizing attitudes differ. It is no longer taboo to have sex before marriage and children out of wedlock. In my day the guys had bragging rights and the girls were ostracized. Morality has a new definition. I don't even know what it is any more. It is a rite of passage of sorts. I well remember my Mom complaining about differences in thinking between herself and her care givers. "Why should I give up my standards just because they don't have any," she would grouse. I find myself having similar thoughts more and more often, but unlike her, I realize the realities of my generation are very different from today's.

Sometimes, though, the very young seem to have better heads on their shoulders then their parents. As in the case of Bristol Palin; she has come to realize the huge responsibility she now bears due to the loosening of what I would have defined as morality.

She is still young enough not to have had ambition and expediency take over truth and common sense. As her mother seeks constant face time in the media, Bristol has had time to reflect. While her mother is crusading for her Christian conservative principles, one of which is the teaching of abstinence for young people; young Bristol is saying, on FOX News no less, that abstinence is "not realistic at all".

When Sarah Palin said about Bristol's baby, "He's going to be just fine", she's probably correct. Because he has Bristol for a mom; not Sarah. I cannot help but wish both mother, father and son the very best. And please, continue to recognize and speak the truth.


John Dwyer said...

The young people I know between the ages of 28 and 40 are much better people than I or my contemporaries ever were. They do not drink like we did; play poker all night; etc... I am also very impressed that all the current young men I know can and do change a diaper when needed. I could do this as well but I do not know of any of my peers that did it. I too wish this young Palin girl well. Her mother is too much of an egomaniac for me.

cconz said...

hope all is well with"bacchus". i totally agree with you. We need some young blood. I'm really counting on the younger generation to pull us out of this. Or the world. It will be a ways away, but,i'm hoping. Do you get HBO? there was a documentart called The "right" america. That was frightening.

Rinkly Rimes said...

She looks a lovely young woman. I gather she's Sarah P's daughter?

Linda said...

So well written. I struggle every day with Republicans opposing federal funding for birth control and then complaining about abortion. It wouldn't stop all abortions but probably would some. I too supported Obama because he is young and I liked his vision for America. Never before have we had so many young people in our country interested in public service. What happens if we squander that. It's time for us old ones to step back and encourage the young in their attempts to make America better. At least they're working inside the system, in the 60's they tried to change America from outside the system. Not good.