Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If It Looks Like A Duck And Quacks like A Duck, Is It A Duck?

Attorney General Eric Holder, in a speech to Justice Department employees, said the Untied States is a nation of cowards on matters of race and that most Americans avoid discussing awkward racial issues.

That begs me to question if such is the reason Roland Burris is still a member of the United States Senate. A spotlight seeking egomaniac with questionable abilities, he has been controversial from the start as Obama's replacement. He convinced everyone, at the outset, that he was squeaky clean when it came to his appointment by "Pay to Play" Blogojevich. Well, as squeaky clean as one is when involved in Illinois politics. Which would seem to be not very.

That he is an embarrassment is an understatement. What I don't understand is why the revelations that are coming out now weren't discovered before he was sworn in. At first he swore he had no contact with either Blago nor any of his team. Now, he claims, it was a matter of semantics; one question being answered while another was being asked thus confusing both. Balderdash! He lied. Pure and simple. He's on the bloody tapes!

Next I wonder why the ethics committee is pussy footing around this. Is it because he's black? That was why scrutiny was eased at the beginning. No one wanted their objections to be linked with race.

This is truly a bad play within a bad play. Obama continues to cover the country in an attempt to convince us all these billions of dollars going to a multitude of bailouts is necessary. Sorry. I'm not convinced. When GM is asking for loans on top of loans and the same man sits at the helm, I'm not convinced. When Nancy Pelosi's marsh rat gets zillions for saving it's habitat I'm not convinced.

When the new attorney general states we're a nation afraid to discuss that which is awkward, he has a point but it has nothing to do with race. After all, we did speak out for hope and change. Why is it so many individuals haven't gotten the message? Because we're too timid to call them on the carpet because they happen to be black? I don't think so. I think we're just too timid, period.

Who's next? There are a whole lot of Chicago and Illinois politicians in this administration. If they're all as squeaky clean as Burris, regardless of race, we're in big trouble. We'll be governed by nothing more than a bunch of quacks. Not unlike an ostrich with its head in the sand, we'll have ducks with their heads underwater and their tails in the air. As they hold their collective breath hoping not to drown, we're the ones who will be tortured!


Anonymous said...

Well said!! People are timid about racial conversations for a very simple reason. For years most commentary is prefaced by "I'm not a racist". I have found myself doing that. We have been so inculcated by the idea that anything we say that could be, in any way deemed negative, is indeed racist. This is patently absurd. But it is now the norm. So, yes Mr. AG, we are indeed timid. Burris is a crook, very simple. The AG is insulting to the American people. That both men happen to be black is inconsequential. However, any public condemnation of either man will be labeled "racist". It's called divert attention from the truth. As for Peloses Pork, can anybody reach that knife in my back? CU

Margie's Musings said...

The congress is full of dummies and bad people who are there for what they can get out of it. It always has and it always will. As long as people can be fooled by rhetoric. They are not all democrats either.