Monday, February 16, 2009

While Congress Postures Hillary Earns Her Pay!

The Monday morning papers around here are usually light in weight and substance. I guess reporters don't work week ends on the assumption that news worthy events do not occur. Or else editors figure it's a time to get their money's worth from the wire services.

If that's the case today was their bonus. Oh, there was news all right. Hillary began her first official trip as Madam Secretary with a warning to North Korea that it needs to live up to its commitments to dismantle its nuclear programs. The Pakistani government, an ally of sorts, has cut a deal with the Taliban to allow them to impose Islamic law in the strategic Swat Valley. Think subjugation of women and school burning for starters.

The Venezuelans have over turned term limits which will allow the sane and beneficent Hugo Chavez to run for office for as long as he lives, effectively turning his tenure into a dictatorship. Oil, anyone?

The Iraqis admit there was fraud in their recent elections but not enough to be concerned about. And then there is Israel. Ah yes, the country we be beholden to forever. Our dear and staunch ally of allies! They've now seized 400 plus acres in the West Bank opening the door for more settlements. Despite their promise to the U.S. to refrain from doing so. Think peace gone down the tubes one more time.

I hope Hillary is as good as she thinks she is! Her hands will be full and her wits challenged.

Meanwhile our new President is having to travel the country to drum up support for his programs while the Republicans wave paper and belly ache about pork. For that I would applaud them if they had done something better during the time they had in the leadership. They didn't. Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid had better remember what happened to them for lack of performance. They were turned out. I feel like I'm on a see saw and can't get off.

One thing both sides need to remember. It took a world war to get us on the road to recovery after the last stifling depression. It seems like our enemies and allies alike know we're bickering within and are taking advantage of it. Is this the mind set? The stimulus to economies that wars bring? If that's the case forget about saving GM and Chrysler. It will be all desert camouflage Jeeps and Hummers.

Just don't bet this time around it will be contained on another continent. I personally don't want to ask, "Where have all the young men gone? Gone for soldiers, every one."


Linda said...

Sobering thoughts, but true. I just don't know what to think. Like you, I could listen to the Republicans if they'd done anything in the 8 years they were in power but they only made the situation worse. I don't want to hear from them.

I've very concerned about the Middle East.

Word Tosser said...

what better time to hit us, our troops spread thin in the Mid-East and our economy in the toilet, and the parties still fighting each other without thinking about the country itself.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in all of recorded history is, or was, as good as Hillary "thinks she" is. CU