Monday, April 06, 2009

Senator Burr (R NC) - Obstructionist For The Sake Of It?

There has been no Cabinet appointee more right on than former General Eric Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. You remember him. The General who Rumsfeld replaced because he told the truth about the number of troops it would take to stabilize Iraq after invasion. I should think few could understand the needs of our veterans more or care more to see that they are met.

Another stellar nomination for Assistant Secretary of the Department is Tammy Duckworth. You should remember her too. She was an Illinois Nation Guard helicopter pilot who lost both legs and the partial use of one arm when an IED downed the chopper she was piloting.. She would have bled to death had the heat from the explosion not cauterized her wounds. That's about as grim as it gets.

She went on to head veterans for the State of Illinois.

Who could be more qualified to serve? She was nominated by President Obama two months ago, her nomination hearing was last Wednesday, a confirmation vote planned for Thursday and swearing in scheduled for Friday. It didn't happen.

Senator Burr says he has "questions" about her nomination. That's what the hearings are for. To ask those questions. Everything will no be delayed until April 21.

His office offered the following rational. "He's basically doing some due diligence as he does for every nominee to ensure veterans have the best representation." Does he think she doesn't get it? Does he want the level of care they received under the Bush administration? Or does he just get a giggle out of yanking the administration's chain?

We'll always elect men like Senator Burr and he can play his games as long as his constituents don't care. If that's what he wants he should play them against someone of his own stature. There are plenty of them in the Senate. How dare he play such games with one of our military heroines who by the grace of God only gave her limbs for her country and not her life.

He can save the platitudes. He should be ashamed.


TropiGal said...

This is serious stuff, Marge. You are right to bring it to public attention.

Linda said...

I've been so made over this I'm spitting fire. Senator Burr must be a very vindictive man to stoop to this level. I'm not sure what to do about it. An e-mail to his office will only encourage his actions. I hope somebody up there on The Hill has enough clout to put this guy in his place. Grrrr