Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maybe The Stars Need "Dr. Do Little"

There have been times I've complained about my doctor being stingy with medications to ease my back pain. I'm beginning to think I need to give her a huge hug the next time I see her!

Look at that cocktail of Michael Jackson's! Think about Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole to name just a couple of more celebrities that have succumbed to too many drugs.

I take three prescription medications on a regular basis and one "as needed". All are prescribed by the same doctor. No matter that they are few, if I don't pay attention and overdose it could prove lethal. It's not how I care to go so I have a system so that if my mind is elsewhere I can check to see if I, in fact, took them when I was supposed to. You know, yakking with Hub or some such while popping pills. Or thinking of something I have to do and going off to do it without finishing taking my pills. Simple lapses we all have on occasion.

My doctor has made it perfectly clear to me that what is written on the label is exactly the way she wants me to take the medications. I know, for instance, the pain killer is far below the maximum safe dose. What I don't know is if I'm having a bad day and am tempted to up it a bit then have a glass of wine or two in the evening just what would happen. So I listen to her and have a discussion if the dose isn't sufficient on a regular basis.

Michael was taking at least eight drugs according to the Sun. That's tough on the body. Your liver suffers, your kidneys suffer, why would you not be concerned about your heart?

I wonder at how many drugs people pump into their systems. I wonder about the doctors who prescribe them freely. Surely they must know they are putting their patients at risk.

Perhaps it's easier to pop a pill than deal with the problem. I don't have that mind set. I want to fix what ails me rather than mask it unless fixing it is impossible.

I'm glad, when it comes right down to it, that my doctor is as conservative in her prescribing practices as I am in my willingness to take them.

I'm not living in nirvana. My back hurts and tracking down why is a work in progress. We take the edge off so the process can continue. As uncomfortable as I am, I'll stick with my doctor's way.

I am, at least, still here to talk about it.


Anonymous said...

Holy Moley! I count 3 anti-depressants, 3 strong pain killers and 1 muscle relaxant/pain killer adjunct. No wonder he had to take Prilosec, an OTC antiacid. When used properly, all of these drugs can be positive...but this??? I can't believe the man could stand on his feet. This cocktail should have kept him in a constant state of sleep. CU

Betty said...

I read this morning that MJ's doctor has hired an attorney. I guess he expects to come under fire for all those prescriptions, and he should.

Word Tosser said...

sounds like the days after Elvis died. Remember his doctor and all the drugs... for some reason these doctors feel they have to applease the star...
Besides that.. in this nation... the biggest drugies are... prescription junkies...

Margie's Musings said...

That's true. I am so grateful not to take any meds at all. All of them are so hard on your organs.

I had a friend who had taken blood pressure meds for 40 years. Finally his kidneys gave out and the last five years of his life he had dialysis three times a week.