Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh, The Outrage!

Now the circus begins. Jesse Jackson is involved demanding answers as to the cause of Michael Jackson's tragic death.

According to the New York Daily News he stated, "Michael was not sick. He was not frail."

Please. He was both. And what business is it of Jesse Jackson's anyway? Another ghoulish opportunity for publicity.

The story also says Michael's father is "incensed" and is "desperate to learn what caused his boy's sudden death". Look at him! He's been dying bit by bit for years. Where was his "incensed" family while all these garish changes were being undertaken?

According to one of his children's nanny's he was delusional and addicted to prescription drugs. Addicts are often delusional; it excuses their self-destructive behavior. The article also says she found need to pump his stomach often. What kind of nanny has that kind of knowledge??

Until the memorials are over, I fear the legacy his fans would hope for him will be tarnished by the tawdry details of his life. The tabloids will see to that. I'm sorry for his children for they are old enough to comprehend what will be reported. How will it affect them? Or are they already so imbued with their father's character that it will make no difference. That would do nothing more than add to the tragedy!

I would guess there will be anniversary "celebrations" of his life and death on an annual basis just as there are for Elvis. In time one can hope the legacy of his music will be what's most remembered.

For now, however, it will be a circus of the macabre as his life is laid bare. It will not be pleasant to witness and will be difficult to escape for such is the way the media works.

Where the actual truth lies is not certain. One thing I will take a stand on however. Michael was sick and he was frail. Mentally and physically. To deny that is denying the obvious.


Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson has never met a photo op or sound bite that he didn't love! As for Jackson pere, Michael Jackson himself stated that his father was physically and verball abusive. Talk aout hypocricy. You can't see that bandwagon for the people hitching a ride. Now that is just tragic. CU

Margie's Musings said...

I agree! At one point in an interview Michael said as a child his dad oversaw the dance rehearsals with a belt. One step and whoop! Down came the belt. No wonder he was such a great dancer.

John Dwyer said...

"You can't see that bandwagon for the people hitching a ride." I really like that one. Is it original? I will have to add this to my lexicon.

Sansego said...

Everyone is jumping on the Jackson bandwagon. Even Lisa Marie Presley is opening up about her marriage to him, saying she tried to help him. However, on talk shows for the past few years, she kind of made jokes about her marriage to him and dissed him. Speculation is, the reason she married him was to bring him into the cult of Scientology. They really wanted to claim the world's biggest superstar as one of theirs. Good thing MJ stayed away from that organization.

I read an excellent article online from a British news source (it was on the Huffington Post). Basically, the article claimed that greedy bankers and the industry types surrounding Michael forced him to agree to do 50 concerts, even though they knew he was not up to the task (he really looked sick since the 2003 trial). He was so deep in debt, he had to do something to bring in the money. Speculation is that the people who thought 50 concerts was a great idea supposedly knew that it would kill him off, which would increase his value and they can finally get the rights to the Beatles catalogue.

MJ albums and DVDs sales have skyrocketed this weekend. I even went to a few stores hoping to pick up a copy of his "Dangerous" cd that I haven't heard in years, but the stores were cleaned out of anything MJ!

He's going to make a lot of money for other people long after his death. I guess if someone did hope that he would die because of the pressure to perform his classic dance moves, at least he won't be around to spend so much of his own money. Now they can have his money. What a mess.

Word Tosser said...

Thank goodness for PBS.. other wise television would be ruin this weekend... and then my morning show, Good Morning American is doing theirs on Michael. So off goes the tv and get to yard work.

Jackson and Sharps or what ever his name is...have rode everyone's coattails since King jr's death. They are worse than the ambulance chasing lawyers.

I too, agree,...CU, that is a great one, I like that... have to write it down so I don't forget it... "You can't see that bandwagon for the people hitching a ride."

Anonymous said...

And again, thank you John. Yes, it is original and I'm flattered that you find it is a "keeper". CU