Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fat Chance!

It's hot and I'm getting cranky as the temperatures continue to rise. I'm tired of politics. I really am. Especially since I've been preaching to the choir lately and it seems I'm the lone member. So. It's time for a change of pace for at least a few days. As difficult as it may be, I'll look for some positives.

With all the focus on health and health care, let's begin with our new Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin. Those who can be nothing but negative, no matter what, have been all over the fact that she is - uh - chunky. What kind of an example is that?

We women tend to obsess over our weight but that she is chunky never crossed my mind when she was nominated. I looked at her background and felt she was an excellent choice, but then I do march to a different drummer.

We've all been told there is an epidemic of obesity in this country. Yes. At least an epidemic of overweight by some criteria other than your mirror. So just what constitutes overweight and obesity from a more scientific point of view? BMI, Body Mass Index.

Knowing I'm on the heftier side of normal I wanted to see if I was merely overweight or really, actually obese. So I followed the link, plugged in my height and weight and found that, alas, I was merely overweight and not badly so. I consoled myself that this little test does not take into account age, bone structure or any of that good stuff. Just plain and simple, height and weight.

Now the good news! According to a story in this morning's Spokesman , being overweight may not be so bad! It informed me that two recent studies have shown overweight and obese people can expect to live as long as "normal" people while underweight people are at increased risk for premature death!

Take that all you skin and bones super models and movie stars! Ha!

Sure, those who are a tad more than pleasingly plump are ripe for various ailments less likely for their thinner counterparts. Yet the skinny on that is plumps don't suffer from anorexia or bulimia, for example. Nor do they cause all sorts of system wide upsets from restrictive and crazy diets that rob a body of basic nutrition!

So here I am. A senior with weight settling in places I wish it wouldn't. So be it. One thing with having a pet who is not well, I'm learning how to control my penchant for obsessing. That it's carrying over to other aspects of my life has to be good - for my anxiety level, my eating patterns and even how much wine I consume to ease the frustration.

I've accepted the idea I can wear a size larger on the bottom than on top. I've accepted I can wear a larger size period! And still look good! Now I can dress for dinner in something nice and come home satisfingly full and not feel the waist line cutting into me!

So those of you in Mississippi who are fat and happy as number one for the 5th year in a row on the fattest state competition, enjoy. Careful with your kids, but enjoy. And you Colorado folk, who rank the lowest, with your lean and sinewy bodies, don't you drink too many Coors. It could add some fat to the meat on your bones! Oh, woe!

As for Dr. Bengamin, she looks good to me. I just can't build up a trust in those who have that lean and hungry look!


Word Tosser said...

our worry about looks.. so she has a middle age spread... Obama's Mom pants, we sure are a out of whack bunch...

I read that article too this morning in the paper and then laughed when I saw the one that followed, titled.."Report finds increasing rate" (about American's are fat and growing fatter).
Seems like a no win situation.

It's Just Me said...

I am overweight and have been most of my adult life. I am currently in the best health of my life though as I quit smoking and have my blood pressure and cholesterol under control and walk for 45 minutes 5 times a week.

Today I lamented to my Dr that I just couldn't seem to lose weight. She said - you are healthy, do you feel good? I said yes - she said she was happy with the amount of exercice I get, so just relax and be happy! I sighed and said I wish I COULD do that - I just can't I ALWAYS want to be smaller.

30th Class reunion in a couple of weeks - but while I didn't go to any others since the 10th because of my weight I'm going this time!!!