Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've got to say, when I misjudge, I really do a doozy of a job. That's how I'm feeling about President Obama's ability to govern, what's more lead.

First we had the apology tour around the world. It's not even so much that he apologized for past bad judgement of a former administration as much as those to which he apologized.

Then we had the government bailout of banks whether they were needed or not. The Obamaniztion of the auto industry. Cash for Clunkers now where they've made the forms so difficult to get right auto dealers are awaiting hundreds of thousands of dollars due them. Stimulus money yet undistributed.

The health care reform debacle or is it the health insurance reform? A bill that has rushed through the house for the sake of rushing it through. There has yet to even be a bill from the Senate.

Congressional Democrats prying into pay and bonus plans of perfectly sound private businesses. The huge number of czars appointed to over see just about everything with lots of power and answering only to the President. Or is it Rahm Emanuel?

The war escalation in Afghanistan where the general in charge has been told to take a request for more troops out of his upcoming assessment before Congress.

Now the idea of putting the Bush administration's handling of terrorist interrogations behind us is gone. It's time to move forward, he said. Now the Attorney General has appointed a special prosecutor that will do nothing more than air more dirty linen and plunge the morale of the CIA back into a dark morass, further inhibiting their ability to do what they must for national security.

Obama is not a leader. He is a man who delegates. He delegates legislation to Pelosi and company without sending up his own guidelines. What kind of leadership is that?

I first started getting nervous when he began selecting his cabinet. So many were payback for support with no background in the positions offered. Including Hillary.

I'm not saying Bush did a better job. He didn't, but at least he stayed in the White House.

I had high hopes that the articulate young man with a sales pitch of hope and change had a vision of improving the way the government does business, not changing the entire fabric of what has made us great. What have we, really? One who is not so articulate without benefit of prompters. One who came to the presidency on the power of his personality with negligible experience to back it up.

I fell into the trap. I thought it was time to get some younger blood in place. I liked him. He had opponents who were so weak as to be laughable. Who did we have? Hillary? I really don't think she'd have been any better unless Bill played a role most of us were hesitant to embrace. Edwards? Right. Wrong.

The Republicans? Whew! Romney was the best of the lot. He at least has broad experience in the business world.

I wasn't like Hub who couldn't bring himself to vote for either candidate. I voted for Obama. He's the President of the United States of America. He's acting like a King would if in England. There for ceremonial purposes without really being involved in governing.

I wish his enthusiasm for the perks of the office and the adulation he's been receiving would wear as thin for him as it has for me. He's the President. I want him to act like it and get a handle on what's happening in his administration and our country.


Word Tosser said...

Buyers remorse.... I keep telling myself...maybe it isn't as bad as it looks, after all it has been only 7 months...give it a chance.. but with every one in charge that I did NOT vote for... spending like drunken sailors...
As a person from the Cafeteria Party, I feel like I have eaten some sour food from that side of the table.

Margie's Musings said...

I want him to get us out of Afghanistan. The Russians couldn't win after ten years. What are we still doing in there? We have drone planes bombing civilians. They hate us over there. We need to stop trying to impose democracy on every nation in the world. Cultures are different. If those people want democracy..that's fine but we have not right to impose it on them. They need to choose if for themselves if that's what they want.