Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Pass Health Care Because Of Kennedy

I am so mad at the 24/7 media I could scream. They are the ones pushing for the passage of legislation that hasn't even been completed to honor Ted Kennedy! That would be the most stupid, irresponsible reason in the world to pass it and would hardly "honor" the man.

I'm no fan of Ted Kennedy, nor any of them for that matter. More poor little rich boys getting passes throughout life for behaving badly. I cannot give Ted a pass for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. A death that could possibly have been prevented had he gone to the first house across that bridge and called for help - or mustered the help of those who lived there. To have waited 10 hours was criminal. But he was a Kennedy. All the motions were gone through but everyone knew what the outcome would be. Pass.

In another sense, he took the life of of another individual too. The career of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. His campaign against Bork has to be one of the most venomous in the history of politics. It destroyed Bork's nomination and reputation. That too drained a life.

His bad boy behavior behind the scenes could be repulsive too. Take for example the "waitress sandwich" story that's making the rounds on talk radio today. It would seem he and his great friend Chris Dodd (D-CT) were dining in one of D.C.'s more posh restaurants with a couple of sweet young ladies that were not their wives. In a private room known as "The Teddy Kennedy Fun Room". Everyone was very drunk. When the sweet young things took a ladies room break, Kennedy grabbed a waitress, threw her on a table then threw her onto the sprawled Dodd and piled on top of the two of them. The details of the incident are disgusting.

So we lionize the man for his years of service and the fact he was a Kennedy. It was expected and will play itself out after he is interred in that most sacred of ground at Arlington; the final resting place of those who died for their country. Truly for their country.

I doubt, if the legislation is passed without serious revision, our narcissistic President, who wants health care reform to be his legacy , will allow another name on it. If he does, however, maybe it's fitting.

Just remember, you who are making your views known while you can, what happened to the country after the last major piece of legislation was pushed through without thought after 9/11? The Homeland Security Act has negatively impacted so many aspects of our lives! Our rights have been trampled. As a small example, we can't cross what were once friendly borders without hassle, we can't fly without physical intrusion or the risk of our names being on a terrorist watch list for no reason. We can be listened to with impunity. Our e-mails can be scrutinized. What will happen to our privacy this time?

Maybe Kennedy devoted himself to a lifetime of public service as a self-imposed penance for past transgressions. I'd have an easier time believing that had others, less serious in that a life was not taken, had not been a benchmark of his private life. Rather it had been behavior deserving the kudos his senatorial tenure seems to muster.

As Bill Clinton said, in effect, when asked about why he did what he did in the oval office with a young intern, "Because I could". It would also seem to be the case with Senator Kennedy.

Now. What about Chris Dodd? Another man who would be President. I'm beginning to wonder if we have a choice any more. I'm learning one thing. The moral standards of public figures are far different than mine. No matter. I still factor it into my opinions with no apologies.


Blue Moose Democrat/Wayward Episcopalian said...

I have my own feelings and thoughts about what happened that night in 1969, but I'll set them aside for the sake of this comment and take on the assumption, if only for a moment, that Kennedy was guilty not just of manslaughter but of murder that night. And for me that is a major assumption but whatever, I'll deal with it.

S-CHIP, COBRA, the Ryan White Act, record funding for cancer research, and the establishment of thousands of community health centers across this country have saved countless lives. It's a cold thing to say, but I would rather save countless thousands of lives than one life, and that's not even getting into the '60s immigration laws, civil rights, tireless constituent services, etc. To me, Ted Kennedy's career is not about Ted Kennedy, but about the people affected by the laws he negotiated and helped pass. And that's far more than any other Congressman can claim. Take away his career, and people are worse off for it.

(I compared these things to Kopechne because I don't know nearly as much about the dining room scene you mention so can't speak to it, although Penthouse isn't much of a source. And as for Bork, his paper record bears out most of Kennedy's words, in a judicial if not social, personal, or political sense - but for the Supreme Court, judicial is what matters.)

As for Dodd - sadly you're right, short of "mobilizing the base" we have no say in who our committee chairmen are. And maybe that should change.

Dogwalkmusings said...

While I agree Penthouse may not be the most reliable of sources, enough other papers reported on the incident. Ones who check facts before publishing.

When asked for an interview since Kennedy's death the victim declined saying her account in Penthouse stands.

As for Ms. Kopechne, the coroner's report reported she died not from drowning but asphyxiation. She had found an air pocket in the elevated rear of the car. Had Kennedy sought help at the first house across the bridge she may well have been saved.

He did not. Ten hours passed. You be the judge.

Donna said...

First, my heart breaks for your loss of Bacchus. Gathering the memories is
the best thing to do; I have them everywhere since my last dog loss to cancer. I did get another dog because
there are so many who need a home and love but it did take time. The people I feel sorry for are those who've never known the love of a dog!

Now to Obama and Kennedy. I was so
happy to see that you have come to your senses about what this country has elected; I only hope we
can recover but I have faith in
the power of capitalism and the few
honest people who are left in the world.

I have never been a fan of Kennedy
but the ones I grieve for are his
3 dogs from whom he was seldom separated. I think he was flawed
as all of us are but he can't have been all bad if he loved his dogs.
Read this wonderful article about their relationship: I just hope it is still available.
I'm thinking of you,
Donna in AR