Wednesday, August 05, 2009


After the Monica Lewinski debacle I didn't much care for Bill Clinton. I was so angry because he brought such shame to the office of the Presidency. Had he been a member of the House or Senate, a member of the Cabinet or the Supreme Court that's the institution upon which he would have brought shame. Many have never found it within themselves to forgive him.

It isn't my place. When you consider how many politicians have committed similar indiscretions, he certainly does not stand alone. I'm not pardoning it by any means. Maybe these men do live in their own private Hell when caught.

What strikes me about Clinton, though, is that he has become an exemplary ex-President. At least in his public life. His private life is none of my business.

This is a man with tremendous ego and unmatched political skill. I was fascinated as he stood behind Al Gore at the homecoming of Laura Ling and Euna Lee. He did not speak yet he was the hero of the hour.

One day perhaps we'll learn what was said during the face to face with Kim Jong Il but from the body language of the two men I doubt Mr. Clinton, with his jaw thrust forward, was taking any guff!

Putting this accomplishment, the freeing of these two young women, along side all the work he is doing with his Foundation, I think someone has finally trumped Jimmy Carter as the "most presidential former President". No small accomplishment.

It's interesting to me that both these men seem to have come into their own as former Presidents. It's interesting, too, that both men have been far more successful as private citizens than they were as public servants. It's also great to see just how much "seniors" can contribute long after their physical prime and what most would consider the pinnacle of their careers.

The private sector is fortunate to have men such as these. The public sector, as in we the people, are also fortunate for they can "do" without being subjected to the most intrusive of scrutinies.


Margie's Musings said...

I was disgusted with Clinton during his presidency for the Monica mess. I thought he was intelligent enough to have better sense. But he has done so much good since that fiasco that I have long ago told myself that he has his sins and I have mine. I put mine behind me many ears ago and I hope he has done the same. But who am I to judge anyhow.

I always loved his intelligent speeches and his vast knowledge that seemed right on the front of his brain.

Now I admire him even more. I always remind myself that when he left office there was enough money in the federal highway fund to resurface every federal highway in America with money left over.

Linda said...

Great post. I agree with all you've said.

I've been put out with those who say he upstaged Hillary. I don't think so. I think he and Hillary have been on the same page all along. I think he was able to say things to Kim Jong Il as a private citizen Hillary could never said as Secretary of State. I commend her for recognizing and not being threatened by Bill's skills. It was truly a work of art on both their parts. Kim Jong Il was obviously very impressed to have Bill Clinton come to him. Al Gore would not have been as successful acting as a private citizen I don't believe.

Good work, Bill and Hillary.

cconz said...

I totally agree, bill was always alright in my book. He's just human. He made some bad choices. But, that's between him and hillary. What he lied about, seems like nothing compared to bush. Why was'nt he run out of town sooner is beyond me.

Word Tosser said...

Guess it must be the Southern Gentlemen attitude of these ex Presidents... (Clinton and Carter)

Peggy said...

I was not happy with "Bill" during his Monica days. I felt that he lied under oath and that anyone else would have gone to jail for that. Ok so he couldn't practice law for a few years, big woop!
Now I am starting to believe that he will be able to accomplish good things in his role as an Ex-president. He is very charming and smart, just what's needed for diplomacy! Kudos Bill!

Sansego said...

I was outraged by the Monica scandal because he did the very thing I feared back in 1992 that he might do. However, given the witch hunt against him by the rightwing, it was easy to forgive him and see the hypocrisy of the rightwing. The impeachment was a completely political act that violated the spirit of the Founding Father's intention.

Someday, future Americans will wonder why our generation impeached a president for lying about a sexual affair but letting the next president get away with treason against the U.S. Constitution.

I had an argument with a Palin supporter on Facebook who claimed that Obama won't get elected to a second term and suggested that he might be impeached. Impeached?!? There is no way the American public would allow Obama to be impeached after Bush was not held accountable. The outrage would be so high that the Republican party will not survive any attempt to impeach Obama. That they can even think about that option at this point in Obama's administration proves to me that they have no clue what the parameters of impeachment were set up for ("HIGH CRIMES and other MISDEMEANORS").