Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stop The Bashing Before Someone Gets Hurt!

Whew! It's getting nasty out there. First we're inundated with images of Obama with Hitler's mustache and symbols of hate turning up on a golf course.

Then we move on to the latest in Limbaugh bashing because he wanted to become part owner of a football team. The liberal media did a hatchet job on him that was unprecedented. It is supposedly about a pattern of comments made over years about blacks. How many of them were taken out of context?

Don't get me wrong. I'm no fan of Limbaugh. He's loose with his facts but so are those doing the bashing. They all twist the facts to suit their point of view.

What worries me are the type of comments such as the one from Chris Mathews suggesting that in some point in time someone would step up to the plate and kill Limbaugh.

That's extreme even for Matthews. He did recant the next day. The clip is part of the embed above. The question is, was the damage already done? They succeeded in eliminating him from becoming part owner of the rams. Wasn't that enough?

Criticizing policy is one thing. Questioning ones suitability for ownership in a rich man's club is certainly permissible. Hate mongering is not.

It's time to tone down the rhetoric from those in the administration on down. Let's quit equating people with Hitler and the Nazis be it the President or those who disagree with him. Let's quit taking sound bites out of context and smearing a man because you don't like his politics. As irritating as Limbaugh can be, what point is to be made by lowering oneself to his level?

The liberal media lambastes any and everyone who finds fault with the President and to a lesser degree, his policies and his administration. Yet when one of their own suggests one who they dislike intensely might actually be terminated because of his views, nothing is said.

They best be careful. There are times when what goes around, comes around. Everything is cyclical. The opposition will regain power at some point, and like the elephants they claim as their symbol, they won't forget.

Then it will start all over again. Sigh.

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Sansego said...

I think there was more to it than that. Rush owning the team might have led to boycotts and protests and controversy. Sports are all about making money and the last thing they want is boycotts and controversy.

Rush got what he deserved. Its kind of karmic justice in a way. What you say has consequences, so I'm glad that he finally had to pay the price for his reckless comments over the years. Hopefully he will stew in his own bitterness about being denied something he wanted to have.

Of course, this gives him even more to rant about. Good for him. Everybody wins!