Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can You Imagine?

One of the things I do before deciding on what to write is skim headlines from a variety of sources. One of my favorites is Drudge because the header can be totally misleading.


Murdoch interested in NBC? The Murdoch who owns News Corp which owns FOX? Wow! Would that be fun to watch!

The Reuters article indicates this is not likely because of antitrust concerns, but it sure is fun to contemplate. How would all the pro-Obama talking heads cope with having to turn into, say, a Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly? Can you imagine Keith Olbermann having to parrot O'Reilly? Goodness, what would he do for his Worst Persons segment?

Who would mimic the sobbings of Beck? Maddow maybe? Nope. That's sexist to equate a woman with crying jags. And Chris Matthews. Who would send tingles running down his leg? Would Andrea Mitchell go back to being a real reporter? At one time she was one of the best! Could Chuck Todd compete with Major Garrett?

Wow. Imagining NBC becoming a shill for conservative issues is mind boggling, though it would make things more fair and balanced. There would still be ABC, CBS and CNN to carry on the Liberal agenda. NBC, FOX and MSNBC would then level the playing field.

Let's see. Anchors. CNN has Anderson Cooper to FOX's Shepard Smith. ABC is going to have Diane Sawyer, CBS has Katie Couric. NBC's Brian Williams would have to watch his back! Ann Curry is waiting in the wings.

This is truly the stuff of dreams. Daydreams. Or ~ maybe nightmares!

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Word Tosser said...

it would make it one more channel I wouldn't listen to... but then I don't listen to NBC now... so guess that wouldn't be any different. I am getting to be less and less national news on commerical viewer anyway...
What was the old saying our parents had.. believe 1/2 of what you see and 1/4 of what you hear?