Friday, October 09, 2009

Where's The Humanity At Habitat?

It's election season in Kootenai County. The Coeur d'Alene race is well under way with three city council persons and the mayor all up for re-election. They all have challengers. Signs and billboards are popping up everywhere.

You'd have to be deaf, blind and dumb not to know just about every politically connected organization in town is holding candidate forums. Ads for them appear in the paper on almost a daily basis. We're inundated with it.

So what happens? A challenger of a council seat, the executive director for the local Habitat for Humanity, is notified that today is his last day on the job but he'll be paid through the end of the month. What?

It needs to be pointed out this same gentleman challenged an incumbent last time around and rumor had it his job was threatened. I can't verify this as anything other than rumor though I learned of it from another challenger. Where there's smoke there is usually at least an ember, if not a fire.

So this time he is fired. The board claims it's for fiscal reasons. It was time to go back to a managing board. A board of eleven. That will certainly simplify the decision making process!

Naturally the claim is that politics have nothing to do with it. Maybe yes, maybe no.

But you know what really makes me turn away in disgust? The board chairman claimed that not one of the eleven on the board knew a debate was coming up. Excuse me. The man who runs your organization is running for a council seat and you aren't aware of the debates?

The whole board ought to resign for gross incompetence!

See? I get mad. I stay away from this stuff and yet this week I've found myself venting twice. I know people on all sides of the political spectrum in these parts. They are as partisan in their beliefs as any on the national scene. They are also as intolerant of any who disagree with their stand. I've lost many who I had considered friends for not agreeing with them. It was not pleasant.

So, not living in town and therefore not able to vote, I keep my opinions to myself. Unless something so outrageous occurs I can't help myself. This is such an instance. And you know what? If I were voting I'd be voting for the incumbent!


Word Tosser said...

This is one of those deal where you got to say.... WTH?

Go Figure said...

I got here from the Huckleberries posting. I am confused by your comments and then your statement that you would be voting for the "incumbent." Did you mean challenger?

Mari Meehan said...

Let me try to clarify my point. I think the firing of Brannon was poor timing for shaky reasons. If it was politically motivated, as many suspect, it would have been unnescesary in my case.

I know Kennedy and like him warts and all. CDA isn't a little back water any more and political savvy is necessary to survive politically. I think Kennedy has that. Brannon has the best of intentions but I'm not convinced he has the strength to buck the power structure.

Yes, I know Mike is a part of it, but I do believe he does listen and cares. I know he responds for on occasion I've called him.

A windy answer to your question, if the power structure was behind Brannon's release, it was a foolish and unnescessary move. Kennedy is strong enough on his own.

Their rationale is weak and makes them look even more foolish claiming ignorance of the happenings surrounding them.

Does that help?

Mari Meehan said...

One other thing. I cannot vote. I do not live within the CDA city limits. I just read what the papers report and draw conclusions from the reporting. A dangerous undertaking to be sure!