Thursday, October 08, 2009

What A Way To Fight A War!

I would think after eight years in Afghanistan, we'd know what our objectives are. First it was al Qaeda, then the Taliban, then al Qaeda again. Let's not forget al Qaeda is holed up in Pakistan for the moment.

Whatever, the troops in country aren't enough to achieve much of anything other than getting maimed or killed. So the General asks for enough troops to accomplish whatever goal the President sets forth. When that decision is going to come is anyone's guess. No rush. We have several months yet. While the soldiers continue fighting a losing battle.

Even though Senate Majority Leader Reid says he and House Speaker Pelosi will be behind whatever the President decides, Mrs. Pelosi bristles at the assumption. Too many House Democrats are against sending in more troops.

Then there is the infighting among the National Security team with the Vice President pushing hard for reduced troops, more targeted attacks and the increased use of drones.

That will get Karzai all upset again when civilians are accidentally killed. Of course, he's stolen the election and is as corrupt as the day is long which makes one wonder why we even listen to him in the first place.

It seems like we aren't even sure why we're there at all. To prevent al Qaeda from returning to use it as a training ground? Well, as I said, for now they are in Pakistan. If they're pushed out of there they can move on to Somalia where they also have bases and followers. Are we going to keep invading country after country while they play hide and seek with us?

The President sure doesn't know. Every one he asks for advice is at odds with one another. Meanwhile the troops are staying the course as best they can. The upshot is their morale is rock bottom. They won't tell you but the Chaplin's will! You know what the biggest demoralising issue is? Not knowing what the mission is. What they are fighting for or trying to accomplish.

We sit here watching the debate over a massive health care overhaul. An effort to reduce costs, we're told. Think of the cost that's going to be incurred with the continual flow of the mentally and physically injured as a result of a war with out a cause! Stop the war. Watch health care costs plummet. I know I'd feel a whole lot better!


Margie's Musings said...

Boy, do I ever agree with you on this one, Mari. He'll be damned if he does and he'll be damned if he doesn't. All I can think of is all the generals who told Johnson...over and over again..."we can win this war if you just send in more soldiers". Did we? No! But we lost thousands of lives.

Obama needs to say, "let's get out of there"..and let the cards fall where they may. If he doesn't, his own party will be against him and if he does the American people, who put him there in the White House will be against him.

So why not do the right thing. They know we have to pull out sometime and they are not going anywhere's just a matter of time. They'll be back. We need to spend our energies and our money keeping America safe..over here. We need to stop trying to impose our views on every sovereign nation in the world by starting wars of aggression and against the wrong people anyhow. The bulk of the terorists came from Saudi Arabia.

Gail said...

I think they should send in a crack pot team of elite agents, eliminate the problem, say top twenty leaders of al Qaeda and get the heck outta Dodge.

Word Tosser said...

When he said he was going to look over the situation and then decide, I thought this was good. As he should not make a rash decision.. to make a good solid decision with all of the facts.
I thought that would be a week.
I didn't think it was going to be a flaming month.