Monday, January 18, 2010

Bad Taste In Politics!

There's a lot of this going around these days. Everything from how the Democrats are trying to force legislation to how the campaign in Massachusetts is being carried out.

Never-the-less, it's still my country and I consider such problems our own to solve. I'm still proud of who we are as a nation with a few exceptions. Rush Limbaugh is on my list again. I'm never quite sure when he's serious or trying to be funny and falling flat. His comment about the Obama administration politicizing the earthquake in Haiti to enhance him image among the black community in this country is beyond the pale even for Limbaugh. Even Bush called him on it.

Unfortunately Limbaugh doesn't seem to have a monopoly on inane views. A French minister added voice to it by suggesting the U.S. was more interested in occupying Haiti than helping.

Venezuela's Chavez suggested much the same by questioning the number of troops we've sent and that we're occupying Haiti undercover.

Well, let's just have a look at this. Who has the manpower and the equipment most needed? The U.S. How about the ability to get it there and organize distribution? The U.S. Who's citizenry is raising millions of dollars via every means possible from Facebook to Twitter to texting? The U.S.

Who else has a neurosurgeon who makes his living as a CNN contributor stepping in to do surgery where medical personnel are in short supply? The U.S.

Which country has two former President's working along side the current administration to facilitate needs? The U.S.

And yes, I might as well ask it. Who would be among the first into France (didn't we do this once before a few wars ago?) and even Venezuela should a similar fate befall them? Yep. The U.S.

Trust me. We'd have no interest in 'occupying' either of you. We'd just want to help your people. Some things you really can't politicize without looking mean spirited or just plain foolish.


Word Tosser said...

Rush, it is hard to tell if he believes in the garbage he spewls or does it do it for ratings...I view him as a blow heart.

So where is the French and Venezuela help in Haiti? this isn't about politics, this is about humanity, too bad these men don't understand that.

Margie's Musings said...

Disgusting, isn't it?

Someone needs to do something about Limbaugh.

I will admit though that the military have had priority for using the airport. According to PBS the aid planes were being turned away in favor of the military planes.

marlu said...

Bless you! My feelings exactly.