Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Trouble With Agenda Driven Politics

One need look no farther than the race for Massachusetts's vacant Senate seat between state senator Scott Brown and AG Martha Coakley.

According to the press Ms. Coakley has been less than a stellar candidate. She is, however, a Democrat. It's a sad state of affairs when the concern is more about a bad piece of legislation being passed against the will of the people rather than who is really the better person to represent the people of the state.

It is perhaps one of the best arguments for Presidents, past and present, to stay out of the fray. Obama is to appear today on Ms. Coakley's behalf. Wrong. He's making an appearance in an attempt to save his health reform legislation. Nothing more. Nothing less. Former President Clinton appeared for no better reason than to promote a candidate he probably knows little about other than that she is a Democrat. Plus a more few brief moments in the limelight. If she wins, the Democrats will save a seat and gain one more rubber stamp.

Frankly, I'd like to see the split between parties more on an even keel. It's the only way to get these yahoos to work for good legislation rather than political agendas.

Will a Brown win do much for the Republicans? Yes and no. It may throw a good scare into the Democrats regarding the 2010 mid-terms but it might also drive them to even more despicable actions to get their agenda through while they still can.

The down side is should the Republicans, by some remote chance, gain the majority they will be no different. It always seems to be pay back time when the power shifts. Of course, that supposition is moot since the Republicans don't have a leader ready to step up to the plate anyway!

I don't agree with RNC chair Michael Steele about much, but he's right on when he says the Republicans aren't ready.

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