Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Shocked, Shocked That Steroids Have Been Used!

It's a who's who of major league baseball. The list of stars who turned super after tasting the fruits of steroids. Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez and now (gasp) Mark McQuire! How many others I can't recall?

Strange. I thought the swarthy tell all Conseco was the most vile of the lot because he ratted on the others. Now it would seem he's the only one who told the truth!

Strange. All these healthy, talented young men putting their health, reputations and yes, actually, their lives at risk just for a line in the record books. What terribly flawed thinking.

Strange. That they'd believe we'd buy their innocent denials when they'd bulked up beyond reason and began preforming beyond reason.

I had to laugh at the "news" about Mark McQuire as he bared his soul to Bob Costas last night. The angst. The teary eyes. The difficulty of having to tell his wife and family and former teammates that he had, indeed, lied. Gosh. Who knew?

Of all the nonsense that is presented to us as news this was possibly the least newsworthy ever to have come out of the world of sports.

I'm beyond being shocked or even disappointed by these stories anymore. It's the youngsters I worry about. One more fallen "hero". The victims that loom largest, however, aren't the fans or the owners or the men who play by the rules.

It's the children of those who do not. Be they girls or boys, how shattering must it be to learn your Dad isn't the man he said he was? That Dad was not a man to be looked up to. That when asked who was the greatest influence in their lives it won't be Dad.

Beyond strange. Sad.

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