Monday, January 11, 2010

A Fox For FOX!

"All good things come to he who waits." You betcha! It had to happen. Word is out that Sarah Palin has signed on as a contributor to FOX News.

Wow. Just when I've started viewing selective FOX programming. What a bonus! Sometimes I think FOX News Sunday has some merit. That is until Brit Hume suggested Tiger Woods would do well to forgo his Buddhist beliefs in order to redeem himself in the eyes of his public. FOX News Watch also grabs my attention unless FOX contributor Douglas Kennedy is on. He of little knowledge and large opinion. Yesterday he insulted fellow panelist Judith Miller then talked over the entire panel for the remainder of the program trying to right his wrong. The Journal Editorial Report (Wall Street) is another one I try to catch. Not bad for a network I distained as being far too right wing for years.

Of course, during the Bush years I listened the MSNBC. It was probably my imagination, but at the time I thought they at least made an effort to stay the middle. No more. They are so far left you'd think Obama taught them how to write. You know, left leaning script as left handed writers tend to have. Maybe that's too much of a reach.

CNN seldom gets a listen any more for no better reason than I don't particularly care for it's personalities. Networks are now a "recap of the day's events" which means if it isn't breaking it isn't news. So it's catch as catch can.

Back to Sarah. We all knew it was going to happen. We just weren't sure where or in what format but FOX would have been a good bet. Had I been her agent I'd have pushed for a talk show. Lack of knowledge is more easily concealed; hosts depend on their guests to provide substance. Being a contributor would indicate you have something to contribute. I'm not convinced Ms. Palin does.

No matter. It keeps FOX at the top of the heap for "fair and balanced". To be fair, they have some balance. They have their right wingers, the family values group which will now be Palin along with Huckabee - and everyone else including their token liberals. I can't think of anyone else that comes close.

As for my concern that as a contributor Ms. Palin may be expected to contribute, it could be a negative should she decide to try for office again. For that reason alone. She'll need to do better than reciting talking points. On the other hand, if the going gets too rough she can always do as she has been known to do before. Quit. For the good of FOX News!


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You may be the only fair and balanced person I've heard from in the last year. I like to tell people that I'm slightly right of center and as a moderate, [pretty much have everyone shooting at me, as the wingers shave taken over both parties.