Thursday, February 11, 2010

The West's Revenge!

Imagine! Washington D.C. is up to it's keester in snow. Have you ever heard such weeping and wailing from the media? Washington D.C.. Government. The people who are trying to reshape our car culture into one of teeny weenie green machines that can't even be charged up for a whole day's worth of driving, much less pull through snow covered streets.

We Westerners chuckle at all this. Who's fault is it that they aren't prepared? New York City has a plan for it. You'd think D.C. would too since when it does snow the entire government shuts down. That's not bad mind you. They can't do any harm when they're closed down!

They won't learn from this experience because they tend not to learn from any experience, but they should note that their little vehicles aren't worth squat in the white stuff. The people in upstate New York know it. We bought our first SUV when we moved from Seattle to Rochester, New York several years ago. It was needed and well used. Lake effect snow does pile up!

Then there is all of us in the Midwest and West. We are no stranger to wind and snow and blizzard conditions pushing up drifts as high as the house. Fallen trees. Collapsed roofs. Community spirit when it comes to digging everyone out. Dig out parties sponsored by the local TV stations where anyone with a snow blower or a shovel is asked to pitch in. And, boy, they do!

Last year we had around 160 inches, the year before around 180. Getting around in that took some doing. It took big, heavy vehicles like our cherished rigs - pick ups and SUVs. Our beloved gas guzzlers. I wouldn't live west of the Mississippi, out in the country, without one.

So listen up you government types. Here's your shovel ready project. How many of you are actually going to do the labor? Or are you going to hire it out and count it as "job creation"?

As for getting around,a few politically incorrect types are brazen enough to drive SUVs. It's a good thing, too. One such person able to slip and slide around town in the ultimate of offensive vehicles, a Hummer, got his just reward. He pulled a police car out of a snowbank.

Those eastern elitists who like to claim there is no intelligent life west of the Mississippi have that wrong as well as everything else. The direction might need to be reversed!

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Word Tosser said...

they need to lose their electricity for a week to make it a little more even.... like it happens out here..