Friday, February 12, 2010

What If You Don't Have A Computer?

Tonight there is a "chocolate walk" in downtown Coeur d' Alene. Hub and I thought about going but there was no ad in this morning's paper telling times and places participating. I spent the next while going through the weeks papers until I found the one. One ad. In it we were told to go to a web site.

I got to thinking about how often we hear that. The local news always tells us if we want a more complete story go to their web site. So do all the network news shows and the cable shows. Even Jon Stewart will post an over long interview.

My computer space is not unlike the one pictured. I spend way too much time here. How many, however, don't have a computer or ready access to one? It must be frustrating for them if they want to dig deep into a story. Newspapers don't go into nearly the depth they did awhile back. Budget restraints. Smaller paper, fewer reporters. More and more news to investigate. Not a heartening equation.

Then there are those who don't have a computer nor do they read a newspaper. If they get news, it's the sound bites that pass for it. I'm assuming those without computers or papers do have television. It is the mass media of the moment. Computers soon will be.

Computers are a luxury becoming a necessity. In the meantime does the broadcast media have an obligation to get away from the soundbites and actually report the news? British Broadcasting does the best job of anyone at the moment but I'd guess it's not available everywhere.

I worry about our uninformed electorate. They still vote. As issues and policies become more complex and confusing how will they decide who to vote for with limited information or information skewed by political philosophies? Will it merely be the person they like best? The one they relate to? It will be interesting to see if the Republicans can unearth a candidate that will counter the cool, elitist image of the President. One who understands what the people are saying. Could it be a "personality" like Scott Brown or Sarah Palin? Should it?

Web sites will have analysis twenty four seven as elections draw near. Television tends to be reducdant and papers skimpy.

Will those with only televisiont be a class of voter unto themselves? How will they figure into the results? Or are they too insignificant to matter?

Just wondering.


Margie's Musings said...

Scary, isn't it? I can just see the ignorant voter voting for Palen and making her president just because she is pretty.

Word Tosser said...

Will they (the powers that be) decide that those without computers are too poor/uneducated to vote? As they did when not everyone had a television in the 1950's