Monday, March 22, 2010

A Flock Of Sheep ~ Baa!

This is not how I intended to return to blogging after our mini-vacation but I am so disgusted with our government I need to get it out of my system! Actually we don't have a government. We have elected a flock of sheep who follow the wolves in sheep's clothing.

Of all the sound bites I heard while gone, three stick with me. One from Nancy Pelosi sometime around Thursday when she said no more "deals" would be made. Of course she went right on making them up until the vote and we have absolutely no idea of what many of them are. Another from Ms. Pelosi I commented on in a previous post where she emphasizes, quite proudly, if we want to know what's in the bill they have to pass it. Well, they did but we have no idea what more has been given away of our money!

Then there was the most egregious bleat from the President as he urged votes "to save his Presidency". How great is that for a leader? Asking members of his own party to put their careers in even greater risk than they already are for him. For his legacy. For legislation the majority of the American people do not want. It's not about the people. It's about him.

There is much in this "bill" with which I disagree. That is nothing new to you who read me with any regularity. Forgetting the fine points for the moment, the most glaring is forcing Americans to buy a product many don't need nor want under threat of fines and imprisonment.

I didn't think anything could trump Bush taking us into an unprovoked war but Obama has succeeded. This is the most un-American action I've ever seen carried out by the government we've elected, against us.

Well, I'm back. Do I feel better? Not at all. Disillusionment is depressing.


Margie's Musings said...

Hey! You're back. You have been missed.

Betty said...

Glad you're back. Now, I know you're not happy about this bill. I'm not happy about all of it, either, but not because deals were made. Deals are made with every big bill, to secure votes.

I don't like the mandates, either, but I'll bet it'll lead to single-payer health care, eventually. Baby steps.

And, I must disagree. Obama never begged the Democrats to save his presidency. Fox sure got that wrong.

Now, don't you wish you'd stayed away a while longer?