Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Who Should Apologize?

So things got a little contentious in the House as Bart Stupak was reneging on his promise to vote no on Health Care Reform. Representative Neugebauer shouted "baby killer" according to reports. Mr. Stupak took it personally, Neugebauer contended it was not. Stupak then added, if not perhaps Neugebauer should apologize to the House.

For the outburst, okay. The House seems to be sensitive to emotional outbursts. They consider it a lack of decorum. Threats and bribery are not, but outbursts are. Go figure.

Actually, Mr. Stupak should apologize - to the people. He changed his vote for $800,000 and a meaningless executive order from the President. Once the law is passed, which it was, an executive order cannot change it. If Mr. Stupak did not know that he should not be in the House.

Taking it a step further, the entire Democratic wing of Congress, especially the leadership, should apologize to the American people for their lack of decorum for the shenanigans involved in getting this legislation passed. Yes, deals are made all the time but usually not so blatantly nor so much against the will of the people.

Do we matter at all? Or only Congressmen who've had their feelings hurt.

On that note I'm off to see a chronic pain specialist while he's still taking Medicare patients.

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