Thursday, May 06, 2010

Everything Is Backwards!

One day another one of those home made bombs will go off. Timothy McVeigh proved it some years back. Those pesky bombs can indeed work.

I think the one main reason I will never again vote for a Democrat for President is because of their distaste for being prepared for war. Obama is gutting our defense much as Carter did. I'm all for nations being anti-war, too bad more of them aren't. But we really need to face facts. The world is at war with Islamic radicals. We've been lucky under Obama. The attempts on U.S. soil have so far been duds. The troublesome thing is so many are getting so close. Sure, they've been caught, but it's by their own lack of expertise rather than our intelligence working.

I just don't think we have a grasp on how wars are fought today. The enemy wears no uniform and many times live among us. We can't "profile" them for fear of offending their sensibilities. Foreign leaders who are in power thanks to us and us alone are constantly criticizing us for civilian casualties. So we try harder, putting our own at more risk to save theirs who won't turn in the culprits that would save everybody a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Everything is backwards!

Consider the administration's quest for nuclear disarmament. What do we do but tell them exactly what we have! Secretary of State Clinton tells us it's in our national security interest to be as transparent as we can about the nuclear program of the United States.

Here we are like sitting ducks for every discontented terrorist want-to-be who happens to be in the United States. They learn how to make their bombs from countries who hate us and everything we stand for. Sure it's going to get them in line by telling them everything we have and what we plan to do with it - other than shrink the stockpile. By the way, how many countries have followed suit to date?

It's all backwards. An administration that promised transparent and open government drafts and passes legislation that is the antithesis of transparent and expects us to be happy with us. They know best. We're too dumb to understand and it's for our own good.

Explain to me, please, why they are more transparent about our national security apparatus with enemies than with legislation under which we are going to be forced to live?

It's all backwards.


Anonymous said...

i agree with most of what you said. But, I don't think it's just one political party that's the problem.
the bush/cheney team gave the terrorists a perfect training and recruiting ground in Iraq. They screwed that up royally. they really increased the number of USA haters, I think.

America is great for giving away secrets and instructions on how to get us. Power of the press. I believe most firmly in free press, but I wish they were more responsible oftimes.

Dogwalk said...

I agree about Iraq and the Bushies. I thought at the time and still do that waging an unprovoked war was as un-American as it gets. But Dems by nature seem less hawkish. I'm of the "strong defense is the best deterrant" school of thought.

The press as it is today should be ashamed of themselves.

Grammyof13 said...

Here is to the truth as I understand it. Good post.

nan16 said...

Wonderful post...I agree with you. If want to read what someone else is saying about what I'm thinking I come to Dogwalk Musings. Thanks.

Word Tosser said...

As I keep saying.... what ever happen to the deal of our childhood... the government saying..
It amazes me how much information it sprewled out there.

And now with international internet.. all info is everywhere