Wednesday, May 05, 2010


The minute I saw her I knew I had to have her. She was standing away from the crowd, close to a grouping of plants. Tall, stately. I moved through people busy visiting or nibbling goodies until I stood in front of her. She wasn't necessarily a she at all, more androgynous. Then I found out in order to have her I'd have to buy her. So be it.

When she arrived at my home she proved difficult. Awkward and gangly. Her parts seemed scattered everywhere and none wanted to fit together as I had imagined they should. Hub, swallowing his amazement, tried to help me get her together but nothing wanted to fit. Joints were confusing as to the direction they should be. Arms and legs everywhere. She'd not stand still, nor straight nor strong. She waffled and wavered as though she didn't want to be there at all.

Days, maybe a week later, the struggle ended. Even with parts seemingly backwards she finally resembled the beauty of the illusion that I had first seen. We waited with baited breath to see if she'd hold together. She looked so beautiful in a caressing breeze and I adorned her with flowers.

Then mother nature chose to test her. I trembled with fear that the reality would not hold up as well as the illusion. But she did. Today, after the hurricane strength winds, she has won her place in my heart. It matters not that the reality is not as beautiful as the illusion. Looks can be deceiving but it's the beauty within and what's done with it that counts. My love hasn't waned, but she, it, whatever, surely put it to the test!

The Costco Green House!

Dedicated to Cindy Hval who followed this relationship through Facebook! That's what "friends" do!


Grammyof13 said...

I like her/it/the Costco greenhouse. Somehow I was expecing a statue or something else. Good post.

Word Tosser said...

BRAVO!!! she was fast and steady in the storm, well worthly of your love...may you and your plants grow strong with her help

Margie's Musings said...

Wonderful! I envy you that greenhouse.

nan16 said...

Costco, huh? I'll have to go look, I've always wanted a greenhouse. Maybe I'll put it in the vegetable garden that is not growing vegetables this year. Too many bugs in Texas to have a garden.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations..........I think.
yeah, sure. Congratulations. It's a beauty. Seems lonely, though.

Dogwalk said...

nan16, it's by order only so you may need to talk with customer service if they don't have one on display.

gregj, yeah she does look lonely but she's now filled with flowers waiting for the weather to warm and my herbs. She smells wonderful, is warm inside and cozy. I guess it's what's inside that makes a house a home! Lol.