Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth And The Garbage That Comes With It!

Is anyone other than myself getting tired of our government apologizing for the immigration law Arizona recently passed. First we listened to President Calderon of Mexico scold us. The photo is of a mess left behind at one of the way lays on a route out of Mexico heading toward Tucson. His people fleeing his country. Imagine that along all the routes smugglers use out of Mexico.

By their own admission neither Big Sis Napolitano nor AG Holder had read the bill before criticizing it. Napolitano even said the borders are as secure as they've ever been. She had the previous watch and is telling us, though I doubt she intended it this way, the borders are not secure now and never have been. But we're hung up on hurt feelings if asked to produce proof of legal stature in this country.

The last straw was Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy and Human Rights and Labor, Michael Posner, being told by the Chinese, of all people, this was a trend they found "troubling".

With primary elections under way for the next Congress, I hope the voters are paying close attention to what the candidates stand for. If it's for a strong America, one had best not vote for a supporter of Obama's policies.

I'm to the point I'm not sure I can vote for our Blue Dog. Sarah Palin, campaigning for a challenger, summed it up when she said, "...Walt, it's who you're hanging with...". I really don't think this country can recover from continuing one party rule. Actually, the ailment has to cease before it can recover and as long as the Democrats hold sway, everything we once were is going to continue to disintegrate.

The solution to the immigration problem doesn't have to be all that "comprehensive". Part of it, yes, the part about the illegals already in the country. The part about securing the borders should be a totally different issue. Do it. It's not rocket science.

If the Feds had done it instead of politicizing it way back when Reagan issued amnesty Arizona would not have had to do as it did. I hope the other states contemplating similar measures follow through and through and through until the Federal government gets the message. Don't apologize to the oppressive, don't scold Arizona, don't support those who are trying to make it into something it's not and do do your job. Secure the border!


Word Tosser said...

I just don't get it... why apologize... the Mexican President should have been doing the apologizing over the fact he can't keep his people in his country... why he didn't is because he doesn't care.. just that many less to worry about....
Here there is so much garbage, why aren't they using National Guard at these areas (this is only one of many)...
And those who criticized Arizona, blows me away... as 98% aren't even reading it... (shaking my head)

nan16 said...

I totally agree with you and I hope Texas follows suit, but Gov. Perry doesn't sound hopeful. No one wants to lay down the law. It's not only Mexicans that are illegal aliens but it's an easy way to get into America for South Americans, Middle Easterners and Asians who are keeping their mouths shut and hiding. The Illegal Mexicans are demonstrating in a country not their own. Does anyone think for one minute that we could do the same in Mexico?

Margie's Musings said...

I know the law is broken but let's face it, it was broken long before this administration took over. Let's not blame this administration for things that they inherited.

Dogwalk said...

Margie, you're correct that the problem exisited long before this administration. I believe I addressed that. However, this administration has done nothing in the nearly year and a half they've been in office and they are the ones apologizing to the offenders and villifying the defenders. It is the Federal governments responsibility to secure our borders, no matter who heads the administration. I stand by my post.