Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Borders And Bonds

When President Obama welcomed the President of Mexico today he said in his remarks that we are not defined by our borders, but by our bonds. I disagree on one point. I believe we are defined by what lies within our borders. Borders count.

Within those border we also have bonds and they seem to be failing as rapidly as those of our once strong allies like Great Britain and Turkey and even Israel. We've managed to alienate all of them.

Now it would seem that Obama's bonds within his own party are failing. First he is antagonizing the press. Then the primary candidates are being hung out to dry. Arlen Specter is the best example. Not that I was pulling for him. I think he got what he deserved. Never-the-less, promised Presidential support was no where to be seen because Obama didn't want to be tied to another loss as he was earlier in the year with Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia.

They talk about the loneliness of the Presidency. The isolation in the White House. This from the Blackberry President who insisted on keeping his so he could keep in touch with the outside world. What happened? Do you suppose he's brought it on himself by not being a man of his word? You can see it coming. It happened to Bush too. Obama, with his insistence on his agenda at all costs, is losing his own people. They worry about falling like dominoes with his support so they are beginning to opt out. It needs to be remembered they were already falling without him. It's his agenda and a "D" behind your name is going to be treacherous.

This all makes sense except for one thing. The Republicans still have no one taking the lead and here we are in primary season. Will the American public hand this President a second term based solely on the Republicans failure? It could happen. It happened with Bush. He got his second term, as angry as the people were with him, because the Democrats had a weak candidate.

It's no wonder we no longer forge ahead. We're playing on a teeter totter. It's time for that elephant to get a name and a face!

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