Friday, August 13, 2010

A Party In Search Of A Leader

With the primary season about over and the general elections peeking over the horizon, the political landscape is in chaos. The Democrats are in disarray with even the left attacking the President. Unless Obama sees the fallacy of his policies and his ways, he will have a wasted presidency. But then that's another post

Now the Republicans. What can I say? They are a party without an identity nor a leader - unless you consider the party of "no" an identity. It's not one I would want. While the Democrats are dropping in the polls like a rock, so are the Republicans. It's general anger at Congress because of the economy and jobs. No matter the bright spots that are touted there are far too many who can't see them because they can't pay their electric bill to turn on the TV if they even still have one. Oh, come on. It's not that bad. Isn't it?

So where are the answers? I hear time and time again what's wrong, but I never, ever hear solutions. That isn't all bad, because there are no easy ones, but the Republicans have a selling point right under their noses if they'd see it. Increments. Like Health Care Reform. Take it in increments. Immigration reform. Take it in increments. Yet no one is giving voice to this. Nor saying what and how those increments could work.

Those running either have ascribed to rather bazaar ideas and are using the Tea Party as their entree through the political fringe or are relying on the tired generalities of blaming the Democrats with no ideas of their own. Let's face it, unless they coalesce as the Blue Dogs do on occasion, they will be a freshman with no voice except one alone among many.

Who is to lead them? No one has as yet come forward. No one to take seriously anyway. Palin? Who knows. At the moment I think she sees herself as a King maker though many of her endorsed candidates are losing. Huckabee again? Too far right. Romney? While it shouldn't, his being Mormon may still be the sticking point. Gingrich? He knows politics inside out. That may be his biggest problem. I'm not sure what I think about Newt other than if I'm going to consider him at all I'll have to get over my personal hang ups about his personal character!

So why worry about 2012 now? Because if the Republicans do well in the midterms they will be held responsible for all that happens between the election and 2012.

There is much to concern us. What will the Democrats ram through if they indeed have a lame duck session for the remainder of the year? Without knowing who will lead the Republicans and how much sway the right will hold is of vital importance. We could see a pendulum out of control.

I swear I'm going to put up a Facebook page to gather independent thinkers! If there are to be King makers, let it be the people willing to weigh all sides, not just the ideological few!


Margie's Musings said...

It's a real quaundry isn't it, Mari? I don't think either party has a viable candidate. Everyone, including you and me is sick and tired of the entire mess. It's not just the's the Afghan war as well.

In fact the entire corrupt mess is just that...a corrupt mess.

I have no idea who I would vote for...I only know who I won't vote for.

Word Tosser said...

I like to see a leader not a politican run... Ginrich is more a politican than a leader... I would like to see a Congress that works for the country and not by the party first... but I guess that is in NEVER NEVERLAND with Peter Pan.

What is it about doing things in sections? It reminds me of the guy who won't pay his friend back because he doesn't have the full amount of loan. That he doesn't want to do payments, but rather pay nothing until he gets the full amount... even if it is years.