Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maybe Joe Had It Right

As I shake my head reading about billions being poured into public service jobs, you know, the ones with salaries higher than the private sector with far more generous benefits. The ones where it's nearly impossible to be fired because the unions will bail you out ~ police, firemen, teachers ~ at the sacrifice of food stamp recipients. Those like your an my neighbors who have lost their jobs and perhaps even their homes. Mostly private sector employees. Oh well, the money had to come from some place.

I find myself wondering if anyone in the administration can do more than blame Bush for all our ills. They certainly seem not to be able to fix anything. Then I started thinking about Joe Biden and the war in Afghanistan.

What's the connection? Remember when Obama was taking an agonizingly long time to come up with a new strategy for the war? While some were pushing for a surge such as we had in Iraq, Biden was espousing a more lean and mean approach. Remove the troops. Let the drones to their work, guided from ships off shore. Take out the enemy the drones find with the special forces. It's what they're trained to do!

With Karzai's constant yammering about civilian deaths and now his slamming foreign advisers and proclaiming that they have the ability to rule and govern their own country and they have their sovereignty, perhaps it's time to let them have it full stop. Really. Full stop.

This man who threatened to cozy up with the Taliban when we wouldn't do things his way can have them. He's worried about civilian deaths? How about the ten aid workers who were just slaughtered by the Taliban? Do they not count because they were not Afghan? Doesn't it matter that many of them had devoted a life time to helping the Afghan people?

When they lack education and the other necessary means to escape their lot in life, I am sorry. It has been asked how can we leave them to the Taliban and in turn al Qaeda? It's not a choice we should have to make. After all, they have their sovereingty. Ask Karzai. One way we might be able to help, however, could be Biden's way. Let us do what we came to do and just get out of our way. When we're done you can do what you will with your country.

When a stronghold is found within their borders tell Karzai to get his civilians out within 24 hours. After that it's Katie bar the door.

I know I rant on this topic often, but I'm just plain tired of politics. I'm tired of our military having to play footsies with a petty dictator pretending to be a duly elected official while our kids get killed. I'm tired of the President playing footsies with the unions for those all important campaign contributions that are soon to be needed.

The world politic. We can't live with it. We sure as heck can't seem to escape it. Who wins?


Margie's Musings said...

I am disgusted with politics too, Mari. I am so sick of the corruption.

Word Tosser said...

like I have said from the very beginning as Bush was starting this mess.... (the war) ... if they could not have peace with each other for over 5000 years, what in heavens name (no pun intended) did the USA and other countries think they could do... shut the borders and let them have at it... my only thought of horror is the way the women are treated...Maybe we should remove all the women and let the men have at it.

Florence said...

What toasts my buns is that we are cutting police & firemen, laying off teachets, and letting our roads fall apart while we pour billions into Iraq and Afghanistan. grrrrr...I think I'll go take something for my blood pressure.

Margie's Musings said...

I'll join you. I'm just as angry about the waste. This week's cover of Time shows an 18 year old girl whose husband cut off her ears and nose for running away from his abusive parents. What on earth can we do about that? They are just barbarians.