Friday, September 24, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Monday night at dinner time the phone rang. It was my cousin in Grangeville telling me she would be coming up Wednesday and leaving Friday. I was about to tell her I had appointments next Wednesday when she told me it would be this Wednesday. Just past. What?

Understand, we rarely have overnight company and the guest room serves as a catch all not to mention my collection of stuffed animals that covers the bed. Oh, well. Not to worry. We had nothing on the calendar and the room needed a good cleaning anyway. I had everything spic and span by Tuesday's end.

It took us little time to sort through some family memorabilia, which was really the purpose of the trip. So what to do with our play time. Not wanting to do things all the tourists do we decided on lunch at Jimmy's Down the Street before it hits the airwaves on the Food Channel's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I considered that a half. It will be the place, at least for awhile, after the segment airs.

What next. Mudgy and Millie, to me, is a must whether tourists seek them out or not. I just think the story of the moose hunting for his buddy, the mouse, who hides in plain site, is the most wonderful, whimsical, ageless example of public art and childhood adventure I've seen. So off we went for the introduction and winding up at Figpickles to buy the book to be read to her grandkids, hopefully often.

What can I offer that is a local treasure yet truly different. The Stickman. We bloggers love him as one of our own. We found him in his usual spot, polishing his walking sticks in his carport at the base of Tubb's Hill where the locals go for great urban hiking. Candles were burning in honor of the troops, emitting a wonderful scent, the walls were lined with finished walking sticks waiting for anyone who asks for one. I introduced my cousin. She began her search while he and I caught up on the current who's and what's of the local blogging community. He chastised me for having disappeared from Huckleberries Online so I promised I would resume commenting on occasion.

We continued our day browsing the shops and galleries then called it a day. I think she enjoyed herself. I know the highlight was meeting the Stickman and getting a personally autographed walking stick of her choosing. It was the highlight of my day too. He's a living treasure right under our collective nose.

I'm proud to know him and happy to have him to take people to meet when they want something really special from their visit.


Anonymous said...

The pleasure was mine and thanks for the nice words. I always enjoy meeting new people and especially enjoy people that have come by before, like you. I enjoy my place in this world, watching the world going by on a daily basis and doing what I love. I'm glad your cousin enjoyed her stick and thanks again for the visit. The Stickman

Margie's Musings said...

How neat! What a neat visit you had!