Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why I Get tired Of Pundits

It's verging on lunacy. There is no reason in the world why Christine O'Donnell should be becoming a media darling.

She may be cute, a la Sarah Palin, but her credentials to qualify her for the U.S. Senate are pretty slim. Making such a fuss over her having dabbled in witchcraft during her highschool years is ridiculous. So what if she did? I dabbled in a few things in highschool and young adulthood I'd rather not have be common knowledge too. The focus should be her opinions on policy. If she has any. The people of Delaware will decide.

I just don't like the tearing down of candidates for any reason other than policy issues. I also don't like losers who won't go away. I've had about enough of that here in Coeur d'Alene with a city council election that was close and the loser has taken months to try and prove the election fradulent.

That, however, is beside the point. Of what benefit is it to take a comment someone made and blow it out of proportion? Joe Biden was all over the news yesterday for having commented he was second in line for the Presidency. So many were snickering and commenting on how dumb he was. Everyone knows he's first in line. If he were second in line Nancy Pelosi would precede him.

Now really. Who didn't know what he meant? Remember the malaproprisms from George Bush? He made so many there are collections of them. Apparently there are of Joe Biden's misstatments too. To chuckle over them is one thing, but to denigrate the person who said them seems to me petty and mean spirited.

We all criticize our politicians. It's seems a way of life for those of us who enjoy watching the show. I lose interest when it becomes nothing more than mudslinging over meaningless things. After all, Mr. Biden is Vice President and has had a long and distiguished career. Ms. O'Donnell is the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware. No small feat. Both deserve more respect than they are getting.


Word Tosser said...

I remember the old saying that when one is pointing to remember that there are 3 fingers pointing back at you....

I wish they would keep it to policies, and truth... two things that seem to be lacking more than ever this year.... all I have seen is spins and cutesy... both of them gag me.

Margie's Musings said...

I agree. Why can't politicians just take people at face value and stop picking, picking, picking at their adversary after they lose. And Joe Biden hasn't made anywhere near as many stupid remarks as George W. Bush. There are entire books of Bushisms.

Dogwalkblog said...

Love the losers who won't go away comment. Why does media trot these guys out as experts on what candidates need to do to win? If Sarah Palin had all the answers, why didn't she share them with John McCain? What makes them suddenly experts? Shouldn't we be asking the folks who won?

Oh, that's right. The winners all have day jobs. Too snarky? Probably :-)

Dogwalk said...

Not too snarky at all! I wish I had thought of it.