Friday, October 29, 2010

Assasination By Campaign Sign

The closer we get to election day, the nastier things get. I'd advise those perpetrating the dirty tricks to be careful of what they wish for. On the other hand they probably don't care.

I've seen these signs around brilliant red northern Idaho and wonder if the Republicans are so worried about their candidate losing they have to stoop to this. Or do the Democrats have a death wish? Curious, I asked a friend who is a mover and shaker with the Dems and was advised to note the sponsoring name on the poster. Hmmm. Seems the name is that of a VP of the Reagan Republicans! Whether or not his organization gave it's blessing is something I don't know. He certainly has the right as an individual to do as he pleases. If it's a personal issue or a party issue, the party is tarred with it.

The bothersome thing is that Mr. Minnick has been anything but a rubber stamp for Obama and his agenda. Yes, he is a Democrat and yes, he does vote with his party. However, on the headline issues he's voted against them. You see, he's one of those rascally Blue Dogs. The ones who've listened to their constituents and voted their conscience all along. The ones who don't have to be marathon men now racing away from ill advised votes.

We need the Blue Dogs. Though the power may shift as a result of this election cycle, if there is to be any hope for cross aisle negotiating, we need politicians like the Blue Dogs. If Mr. Minnick pulls out this election perhaps he could become the lead dog. That would be something!

On the other hand, a deliberately obfuscated campaign sign will cost him votes. After all, that's the name of the game. Win. No matter the cost. For all the wrong reasons.

It has nothing to do with the candidate, his character or how he voted on the issues before him. It's just politics as usual. Desperate or dirty. Take your pick.

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Amylouise in Idaho said...

I don't like this sign because it perpetuates the lie that Minnick told in 2008. He has not supported our president and not voted on my behalf. As Minnick has done all he can to halt Obama's efforts to repair our economy and country, putting his name next to the president tarnishes Obama.