Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gravitas And Sarah Palin

Two days to go. Nearly everyone seems to agree that the House will go Republican, the Senate will hold. Whether or not Harry Reid will be there is still open speculation.

The changes will be significant. Whether good or bad remains to be see. If Sarah Palin has her way, and she is not alone, there will still be gridlock. I listened to her interview with Mike Wallace this morning and must agree with Karl Rove that as of yet she has not the gravitas to be President. She is a die hard conservative and nothing more, or less, will do. This is a beeline for gridlock. The one saving grace at this point is that the Tea Partiers will not hold the majority of Republican seats. Holding to principles in lieu of debate and compromise does not work. Haven't we seen this cycle after cycle? It's what partisanship is all about.

I remember one of my readers telling me why having power divided one way or the other between the House, Senate and Executive is essential to prevent debacles like Obamacare, it's also necessary to force compromise. And compromise makes for better legislation. Not necessarily good ~ but better.

So here we go. I'm looking forward to seeing how things shake out. I'm looking forward to seeing if I'm in sync with local voters where I have the same knowledge of our candidates' credentials as they do. I'm especially looking forward to see who the Republicans start floating as serious Presidential candidates.

Chris Wallace ventured a guess about Ms. Palin. He thinks she's having too much fun and making too much money to declare. She answered she'd make the necessary sacrifices if the country really wanted her. To generate such yearning in me she'd have to show she is not only deeply versed in all the issues that we face, from war to terror to health care to the economy. And that she understands not everyone agrees with the ultra conservative stance. If she doesn't, she'll find herself facing an electorate likely to reject her. Dealing with the ideologue we have now should be example enough. Realizing that is gravitas.


Margie's Musings said...

Poor Sarah. She's really not bright enough to be president especially to terrible times like these. The Great Depression wasn't over in two years and this major recession won't be over in two years either. But regardless, the country can't afford a rather ignorant president. We need someone smart who will have really smart Clinton had. I'm ready to have no deficit again.

Palen couldn't handle the job IMO. She hasn't even read a book. You can't be president on your looks and sex appeal.

Word Tosser said...

as I walked by the unwatched television the other night, there was Sarah and Mary Hart from Insider? and Sarah replying to a question, I would guess....
"well, if no one who is worthy runs, then of course I would have to." God help our country... (my words)
Please Republicans get it together.