Friday, November 12, 2010

"National Stupid Day" ~ November 12

I saw this headline, "Garfield" creator apologizes for Veterans Day strip, and began racking my brain as to why. The strip was part of a story line about Garfield whacking spiders, which he does quite often. It had been running for several days. If the strip from November 11 had run today or on the 10th, nothing would have been made of it. However, it ran on the 11th.

The spider about to be whacked tells Garfield if he goes through with it he'll (the spider) will have a day of remembrance to honor him. The last frame shows a classroom of spiders with the teacher asking why they celebrate "National Stupid Day".

Somewhere, someone decided it was making fun of the day on which we honor our military. Enough someones, apparently, that Garfield creator Jim Davis apologized.

Please. Why do I not think Davis decided to write a strip to offend veterans? How would that scenario go?
Let's see. The 11th is Veterans Day. What can I do to offend them? Garfield offends everybody! I've got it. I'll do one of my spider story lines and on the 11th I'll have one of them declare a National Stupid Day! That oughta do it!
I've got to tell you, I read Garfield yesterday and never gave it a thought. I guess that makes me insensitive to veterans. It almost makes me apologize for flying our flag because of the mixed message it sends about my sensitivity.

I'll tell you what. To get Davis off the hook, the man who has a brother who served in Vietnam and son in Afghanistan and Iraq, I'll take responsibility for "National Stupid Day" and date it November 12. No apologies needed.

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Margie's Musings said...

Some people just look for something to gripe about. What is the world coming to anyhow. Poor Garfield!

I read Garfield yesterday too and never thought anything about it. It's a comic after all. Some people take offense at anything and everything.