Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is The TSA A Breeding Ground For Sexual Predators?

I've wondered if all the scans and pat downs are really necessary and have for years. Over stepping the bounds of propriety is nothing new. Before the scanners came along to bare you to strangers, the pat downs have often been invasive. Ask some really attractive young woman. Incidents of sexually implicit touching, groping, are on the increase. What a playground for those so inclined!

Now, with the scanners, even pilots and flight attendants are saying enough is enough. The question is and I've yet to see a definitive answer, have they ever actually caught anyone? If they have why has it not been headline news? And why, if they have with lesser measures, are they going to these draconian means?

I would like to know if Secretary Napolitano has every experienced an enhanced pat down or gone through the scanner. How did she feel? How would Michelle Obama feel. Not only about herself but her girls? What parent wants their child handled by strangers? How do members of Congress who still fly commercial really feel about it? Why don't they say enough is enough! Are they waiting for the public to get beyond the "I don't like it but if it's keeping us safe" mind set? To that ask is it keeping us safe or merely providing great entertainment for those who would do us harm?

Consider this. Bombs in printer cartridges. Sure they still want to kill us, but planting bombs on nit wits didn't work too well. Could they have moved on to more sophisticated means?


Twin City Joan said...

I could not agree with you more. I see no reason why I should submit to an electronic strip search unless there is probable cause. Moreover, I do not want to submit to being mauled by some stranger for any reason. I believe these invasive searches are unconstitutional. Moreover, when everyone is subjected to this type of thing, the terrorists have already won the battle. Do we really want to give up our way of life just to be "safe"? Of course, there is all the money to be made by some companies for "keeping us safe".
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety." Ben Franklin

nan16 said...

When leaving Johannesburg, S. A. on a flight to Atlanta, we got our carry ons searched twice and also got patted down (but by a woman and very lightly) before we could board the plane. I guess because we were entering the U. S. Surprising because there were no extra precautions in Amsterdam on the flight to S. A.